Dr. Upside Down Triangle: New Class, New Names

My Leadership class started today. It meets in a building I've never taught in before that is line with helpful signs to keep students from getting lost. After a restless night worrying about oversleeping and the million things that could go wrong, I get to campus hours early and find the classroom. Whew. Then I found the building where I needed to go to pick up a key, and headed back to the classroom.  This time I got lost and followed the helpful signs until I found the right staircase and doorway.

Once I got to class, I unlocked the door and waited. And waited.  Finally they showed up and, well, the rest is between us.  

I did give them a minor pretest, and -- like the rest of my classes -- I let them name me.

Here you go!

Loud Lady Ms. Express
Dr. Solandi
Professor Soldani
Dr. Soldani
Dr. Upside Down Triangle
(answer erased)
Dr. Melissa Soldani
Professor Lemon
Ms. Lamon
U a Teacher
Dr. Solidano
Mrs. Sumthin
Dr. Saldoni
Dr. Solani
Spunky prof who reminds me of my therapist
Cuban Professor Crisis
Auntie Brenda
Hyper Professor
Dr. Soldani
Mrs. Green Shirt

My Core Value is 7

As part of a larger exercise this past week, I asked students "what is your core value?" but gave them no further prompt or word bank etc.
Here are the responses from my morning classes, typed up exactly as they were written, sorted alphabetically.

  • ……
  • * What IS my core value ? *
  • 100
  • A core value is something that you genuinely care about and deserve.
  • A core value is what pushes you to do the things you do.
  • Being a good person
  • Being able to make connections.
  • C
  • Core value is getting a specific amount of something
  • Core value is one if not the most important value a person  has
  • Core value is to procrastinate but still get it done right and on time.
  • Core value: 85
  • Core value: compassion
  • Core value: studying, manage time usage, and pass the class
  • Core values are basically the values that matter the most
  • Dedication to the mission (whatever it may be)
  • Family
  • Get smarter. Get better.
  • Honesty, conviction, curiosity
  • I guess honesty would be mine.
  • If you’re politically left or right;  if you’re religious, if you are family oriented.  Hard worker uhhhh if you like to sleep if you like violent video games or not.
  • My biggest core value is Integrity
  • My Core Value is 7
  • My core value is being myself
  • My core value is determination and hard work.
  • My core value is doing well in school so that I can get a job paying good money.
  • My core value is excelling at anything I do, which makes me legendary.
  • My core value is having a lot.
  • My core value is honesty, If I see someone that failed but they gave 100% effort and time into something I’m open to help them.
  • My core value is kindness and the way I treat people around me.
  • My core value is my best attribute or what I am best at.
  • My core value is my determination
  • My core value is my dog
  • My core value is not messing my grades up.  Responsibility is key.
  • My core value is probably asking me how well I am feeling about this exam.  If it were a scale 1 – 10, right now I am feeling like a 6, but Monday I will be a 10!
  • My core value is strength
  • My core value is that I need to study for Monday’s exam.  But I get what I have to do.
  • My core value is to maintain accurate information while creating challenges for myself to help jumpstart a college mentality after being in a high school mindset for four years.
  • My core value is to make an A and try  my best in AMH 2020
  • My core value is to use verbs and my own words while taking Exam 1
  • My core value is what I’m worth on the inside – to my core.  My personality and my heart, the things that make me, me.
  • My core value will  be whatever I earn at my own risk.
  • My core value would be integrity, positivity, and honesty.
  • My core value’s strongest points are my temperament and my calm demeanor.
  • My core values are honor, courage, commitment, faith, integrity, and last but certainly not least, love.
  • No clue.
  • Someone’s inner morals
  • The thing that makes you most valuable; something that stands out about yourself
  • The value of your treasure
  • To gather knowledge on the history of the United States and enhance our writing skills.
  • Your internal motivation to do your best at everything you do.