Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Veterans Village: The veterans village is a place of giving… whether it’s cooking or serving, everyone has a place to contribute.

“We need more kindness, more compassion, more joy, more laughter. I definitely want to contribute to that.”-Ellen DeGeneres
This quote from Ellen DeGeneres,  speaks at  any directional topic  whether it’s for Charity, Volunteering, and mentoring, these words could mean the world to many viewers. The veterans village in Tallahassee was one of the first I’ve ever heard for a group of people to go cook, and feed old soldiers of war, which all the “woohoo’s” should be catered to for their hard work. Just being a Server, making plates for hard working men, would bring many empathy to them, because some veterans may not have a stabilized home or resources to help get through their daily life. Even if it’s just holding a spoon or tongs, knowing that I’m enabling someone’s family member for my appreciation is the greatest gift I’ll ever get to do. Even though each Veteran life is much different, seeing the different faces enter the line, will sing to anybody.
Working in fast food, we have something called a Core four, smiling, making eye contact, speaking with enthusiasm, and making a personal connection, is what helped me increase my work ethic as a customer service manager. Bringing everything to the table and still improving my skills as a server will be nothing more than a learning experience. My skills that I’ve learned I’ll continue to teach others and so one day it’ll be meaningful for all. Going to the veterans village is very much essential for those who want to gain knowledge of what it may look like for someone opposite of you in social ranking. Although veterans may be a little at ease of servers, since the food is free little do they know of the hard work it took to create that master piece.
As I said earlier, spreading awareness of core values and implementing them would be a wonderful contribution of kindness. Which in due time could impact all over since some viewers like to follow trends. The veterans village is a place of giving… whether it’s cooking or serving, everyone has a place to contribute. In the end, I promote all to give back so it’ll create great times for a great significant cause.