Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Veterans Village: "it’s essential to talk to others that are in need and understand how to assist them and learn from their trials and tribulations"

From MG

Do you want to know who you are? Don't ask. Act! Action will delineate and define you.”
   -Thomas Jefferson
I participated in the lunch for vets and dinner for vets. I prepared bags of peanuts and beef jerky for lunch for the fact that one sign in required up to 30 to 40 of protein. Comradery with others was smooth and comfortable as we packed various snacks into the brown bags for them to take. At the dinner, I cooked the Vets spicy mango wings hoping for one ex-military men or women to know if it was good or not for the purpose of understanding what I should do better next time. I’d help a classmate prepare and serve cake a and another sweet treats. Then after it was over, I decide to assist to clean up shop and move on with my day but as well stay humble to be assistance for others that are also leaving.
This event helps me to understand that most of giving and humility shows from face to face action of treating another to submit and undermine selfish needs for a moment tin time because society is affected by all by interactions and communications. Action has reactions and its essential to show true intentions and to give 100 percent to what’s needed to fulfill a task.  Of course not everyone’s treated fairly or are fair but sometimes, the humility shown back can reflect a better outcome amongst oneself livelihood. It brings me into wear when there’s help needed, there’s a possible outcome for parties of both ends to benefit emotionally, physically, and future tense that spreads the giver and the given opportunities. I should take in consideration to give back when it’s possible and reasonable too at any time when freely available.
People should contribute to see another person’s position and situation up front and personal that are willing to share with the giver. Especially with evidence, it’s essential to talk to others that are in need and understand how to assist them and learn from their trials and tribulations. Politically, this is beneficial for local communities or countries to comprehend and gather information that tells the truth or valuable results that helps a problem that needs to be resolved. Bridges are built and walls will crumble as we humble ourselves communicate with others and be honest with our true intentions to be familiar with each other while  reaching the true solution of peace, fairness and happiness.