Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Veterans Village: "It even feels great to see yourself be useful and have an impact on someone’s life "

From MG

“I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”
            -  Maya Angelou
At this veteran's village event, I returned for the dinner to help serve and clean up once again. As I was familiar a little more of the facility and how everything’s supposed to be organized, I was a little comfortable with my environment and opened myself to conversation with other students and veterans. One vet was willing to let me express myself to them and admire the attitude and physical approach to assisting in the event leaving me nothing to slack on. I also talked to one other student out of my class learning his opinion of Dr.Saldoni’s class and how she teaches.
Like the last veteran’s village meet up, comradery, humility and up close and personal presence shows true submission and preparation for task. This second run around assist my encouragement to get active closer to others around me but keep a balance of space amongst conversations and entertainment for both parties of students and veterans. Showing your actions amongst someone for first impressions and even seconds gives the expectation for the observer to be comfortable and respected when showing you’re applying yourself with the shared task that’s required of completion. Doing that showed appreciation from one of the vets and even embraced my character for how I approached the situation.
As the last veteran’s village assignment that I said, contribute to any cause that’s available when your free to act upon to embrace bridges that’ll help others comprehend struggle that's true and in need of assistance to help others elevate in their situation. It’s for us to get out of our comfort zone to help others with in need that gives the doubtful people in a pickle that there’s hope from other humans that will be an enormous benefit just as the detriment they had to face. It even feels great to see yourself be useful and have an impact on someone’s life that’ll help them make a change or a spark that causes a flame to move forward and think clearer for what’s next to come.