Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Veterans Village: " I feel like helping someone is important cause you don’t know when basically you're going to need the help."

From NaW

“It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop”
The first time I went I was a greeter. I would basically speak to the veterans when they came in, and then when they came out. Also, I hold a little conversation with some of them about my life and theirs, like basically where I was from, what I was majoring in, and other things. I would ask them like how they liked the war what they did in the army and like what’s something they wanted to do before they think they can’t do it on their own, before and theirs. Also, the first time I had brought 3 things of cold hot wings.
I feel like this helped me use my core values a lot in many ways. Like one of them is trying to help people in many ways. Like for example I feel like helping someone is important cause you don’t know when basically you're going to need the help. Cause one day you might see one of the vets and they be like I remember you and then they might help you out in something. Also, I feel like this heled me a lot because it showed me basically its bigger than just you. Cause some people might’ve said, oh I’m not gone do that cause that’s not my type of party, but it isn’t about that basically its about you helping someone when you can and when you have it just spread the wealth. I feel like it used my skills also in many ways, like for example you must use your head to pick out what the people want to eat because they don’t eat everything that you eat. Also, I feel like I used my speaking skills I barley use those cause I’m shy, but they made you use them in many ways cause a lot of them wanted to talk to you about things and other things like that.
I feel like people should find ways to basically contribute, because it makes you feel good well it made me feel good after I left. Because it made me think like I really helped someone out with something. Also I feel like if we all went in together I feel like our rates of people not helping  will go down and basically I feel like people around America will basically be more kind to let you have anything from them