Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Veterans Village from a Student Vet

At my first visit with the veteran’s village I volunteered to bring sodas. Before class I went over to CVS to purchase the drinks and to make sure they were put in a cooler with ice. After class we drove over to the village and got things set up. I got the chance to talk to a few of the marines that were there about the fleet and funny stories from when we were enlisted. It felt good to be around other veterans and to just joke around. In the Marine Corps the smoke pit is where some of the best stories are told and some of the best practical jokes are conducted. Being at the veteran’s village felt just like that.
I wouldn’t necessarily say that this particular trip helped me use my core values. Going to the village felt more like visiting family rather than a volunteer event. I felt very fortunate to be able to be around the community I’ve come so fond of over the years. I know from experience that the simple gesture of providing meals makes a veteran feel appreciated. Too often out vets get left behind, so simple dinners like these are truly the least one can do.
Contributing to something that is bigger than yourself is always recommended. My father taught me a long time ago to help those in need and ask for nothing in return. He always says that a simple act of kindness can impact the lives of others in a way you can’t simply understand. My advice would be to find something that needs volunteers and simply sign up. In the end you may find the experience to be full of love and compassion from all those involved.