Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Veterans Village: " Doing this made me feel accomplished in a meaningful way."

From NW

“When I give, I give myself” – Walt Whitman. My second trip to veteran’s village I brought 2 trays of macaroni that I bought from Publix, I wanted to make something myself, but I did not trust my skills in the kitchen. After I arrived a tried to make myself useful and help others that needed assistance bringing the food and supplies into the room. After the food and supplies were set up, I began trying to reach out and greet the men and women that showed up to eat. I shook hands, gave people compliments and tried to make the people I talked to feel as they were talking to a good friend. It was something that I enjoyed doing and hope to do again soon.
            Doing this made me feel accomplished in a meaningful way. I felt as I lived by the guidelines, I set for myself as commitment to service/excellence, selfless love and personal integrity. I feel as by doing this it is improving my social skills in a good way and is making me want to be more involved in the community and more specifically with veterans and wounded veterans. I enjoyed every minute I spent doing this and look forward to doing it again soon.
            I believe that everyone should spend time working with the community and supporting the people less fortunate than we because it not only improves yourself mentally, but it makes the community a better and safer place. I’m not saying everyone needs to go to veteran’s village and contribute to the exact cause, but maybe just taking a day and going to talk to some people that are going through a harder time than yourself. You never know what someone may be going through, and it can take as little as a simple conversation with someone to save their life.