Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Veterans Village "After your contribution you feel good about yourself"

From I.B.

At veteran’s village I greeted the veterans as they were walking by to grab a plate of the delicious food Dr. Soldani and the class prepared for them. I, myself brought two boxes of delectable fried chicken from Publix for the veterans to grub on. After the veterans were finished eating and left the building, my classmates and I stayed after to clean the building. Once we got done cleaning, I then got the opportunity to mingle with those in my class for a while. This was the first time in the class speaking to my classmates.
Attending this event at veteran’s village helped me use my core values and skills in a meaningful way by giving me the opportunity to give back. I always wanted to give back to the veterans. I understand their situations since I grew up around a couple. I felt good by what I was doing due to the fact that I am the son of a veteran. Now my pops really could understand that I do care for what he stands for.
I think other people should find ways to contribute because it helps bring the community together. Also, after your contribution you feel good about yourself. My grandmother always told me that good things always happen to those who do good deeds. So, with that being said, if more people could contribute, not only by helping veterans, but by giving back the communities around them, more love will be filled in people’s heart and this world would be a much better place.