Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Pretest Q4: During the summer, after a war, something like that

Pretest rule #1 is to answer every part of every question, even if you get it wrong.  Just show me that you can write words and be wrong and keep up. 

Question #4 asked who the US won our independence from and when/ish.

Here are all the answers from my MWF classes, sorted alphabetically*

---, 1864
?, after a war
(blank - skipped)
(blank – student came in late)
Britain (or Great Britain?), 1776
Britain,  4th of July
Britain, --
Britain, 1404
Britain, 1600s
Britain, 1776
Britain, 1776
Britain, 1784
Britain, 1784?
Britain, 1850s-ish
Britain, 1864, ahhhh that’s a date from South Park (ßstudent’s complete answer)
Britain, 1900ish
Britain, around 1780
Britain, around the 1800s
Britain, before the first World War
Britain, British, England
Britain, I hope to find out when
Britain, July 4, 1787
Britain, late 1700s
Britain, late 1700s – early 1800s
Britain/England, 1700s
British colonies, 1850s
British, --
British, --
British, 1800s
British, 1800s
British, July 4, 1776
British, over time
British, UK/England, 1776
China, 1590
Cuba, 1940
England around 1776
England, --
England, --
England, --
England, --
England, --
England, 1400s
England, 1550s
England, 1600
England, 1600s
England, 1678
England, 1776
England, 1776
England, 1776
England, 1776
England, 1776
England, 1776
England, 1776, July 4th to be exact
England, 1800s?
England, 1840s
England, 1870
England, 1900
England, after the Revolutionary War, when George Washington was alive
England, after the war
England, after they wrote the Declaration
England, between 1776-1850
England, c1766
England, in the summer
England, late 1700s, maybe 1764?
England, late 1800s
English, 1800’s
English, during the Christopher Columbus Era
Europe, --
Europe, 1776
France or England, --
France, ---
France, 1800s
France, after Napoleon
French, before the Civil War
Great Britain in the late 1700s
Great Britain, --
Great Britain, ---
Great Britain, 1700s
Great Britain, 1700s
Great Britain, 1774
Great Britain, 1776
Great Britain, 1776
Great Britain, 1776
Great Britain, 1800
Great Britain, 1812
Great Britain, 1812
Great Britain, 1832
Great Britain, 1832
Great Britain, 1884ish
Great Britain, after Revolutionary War, 1770s
Great Britain, after the Tea Party
Great Britain, before
Great Britain, July 4, 1776, USA!
Great Britain, July 4, 1776ish
Great Britain, July 4th
Great Britain, late 1700s
Great Britain, late 1700s
Great Britain, summer
Great Britain, when?
Great Britain,1776
Great British, 1700-1899
Great British, 1774-1775
Great Briton, --
Great Briton, --
Great Britten, --
Henry the 8th, 1600s
Israel, 1900
Japan, --
Mexico, --
Mexico, 1900s
New England, 1880s?
North America, ---?
Russia, 1801
Russia, 1875
Russia, 1900
South America, --
Spain, --
Spain, ---
Spain, 1800s
Spain, 1820
Spain, 1862
Spain, 1948
Sweden, --
Switzerland, after the war
The British, 1897
The British, a long long time ago
The British, after the Boston Tea Party
The British, around 1782 or July 2, 1774
The British, July 4, 1776
The English Empire, 1850s
The Germans, ---
UK, 1776
UK, 1800s
Virginia, 1790
Washington DC, around the summer

Washington, --