Monday, August 19, 2019

Carlos: "I did not expect the reactions I got from the vets"

“I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” Growing up in America and having the luxury of having great parents that have really provided a roof over my head and the support they’ve gave me, I cannot understand what it means to go through hardship, suffering for food or not having enough money to buy myself a shirt. 

Helping others in need may sometimes isn’t as popular in modern society, unfortunately our attention is focused on something that hurts other instead of helping we take for granted how fortunate we are living in America. Taking the time and trying to make someone day is probably one of the best feelings after you see the reaction in they’re face seeing someone happy when they’re in circumstances that no one ever wishes to be in is something everyone should experience.

 I can tell you about the time I made someone’s day I was invited to participate in a military vet dinner. My professor Dr.Soldani sets up these dinners two Thursdays of the month; she brings food to over 30 disabled vets that don’t have the same opportunity as us due to the fact the military has impacted them mentally and physically to which they are unable to work. She gave me the chance to make a person’s day by offering to bring me to her dinners which she asks us to bring a side dish of food to feed 30 or so vets. We then go to their town home where they stay with Dr.Soldani and other’s to provide dinner.
 I did not expect the reactions I got from the vets they were so grateful and happy to see what we were doing. Not only saying that I will do something to help other and not just sending money on a online forum but actually interacting with the vets and seeing the reaction in there face was such a good feeling I feel more people should be a part of. A great experience I ask everyone to take the time and do. Coming back to my quote I feel like the emotion I saw in the vets face was something they’ll always be thankful for an never forget. Actions speak louder than words.