Wednesday, June 26, 2019

It's That Time AGAIN: Apple Pie Betty White Cuban Mama

I have started my history  classes for the better part of 2 decades using a Dr. Suess political cartoon that makes fun of American First for saying   Adolf the Wolf chewed up the children but "those were Foreign Children and it really didn't matter."

Students look at me blank faced and sit quietly, perhaps hoping I will explain the entire 20th century and connect this picture to where we are today. I will, but it takes time. 

This is a strange and important time to be teaching American History, especially since the legislature ended the standard college history requirement in 2015 (the same year the same political climate allowed/forced the 1965 Voting Rights Act to expire).

Students don't have to take American History to graduate -- they can choose from a buffet of "social sciences" --  but these students are choosing (and paying) to learn from me this summer, and I am 100% down for it.

But first, the pretests ;-)

I'll share some of the rest of the answers, but first -- WHAT'S MY NAME????

Most of them got it right (yawn) -- and here are the rest:

  • Betty White
  • Apple Pie
  • Dr. Hassan
  • Dr. Robina
  • Dr. Solderman
  • Dr. Lisia
  • Richard
  • Sarah Bee
  • The Game Master
  • Solandi
  • Saudil
  • Kevin
  • ArgenTina
  • Melissa Sokolien
  • Professor Professor
  • Meagen/ Professor                       
  • Pretty sure your last name starts with a D
  • Shit I forgot
  • Mrs. Ms.
  • Sarah
  • Professor Ubo
  • Dr. Laughing
  • Cuban Mama
  • Earl Shashlitskworth or Haudderbalk
  • Professor Cursealot