Tuesday, May 7, 2019

There is a sense of humaneness and bringing people together. - Veterans Village by M.O.

            At the Veterans Village I helped provide a dinner service for all the attendants of the complex. My part was to help set up, distribute food or drinks, and clean up afterwards. I never brought any food because honestly I would never remember to sign up for something and I am also broke so spending money for food that wasn't for me would hurt my wallet. Nevertheless, I still wanted to participate because I believe veterans are honorable and memorable individuals. I would start off by helping unload food and any items to help serve from Dr. Soldani's SUV. I would then help set up the serving stations. I was never on food service, but I was the drinks specialist. I provided the men and women with a variety of coke's of their choosing. Sometimes I even got added to silverware handler. What I think I did best however was engage in conversations with the vets and make them feel appreciated. Before leaving I would help pick up all the trash to throw away and return any items back to Dr.Soldani's car.
            By attending these diners it made me feel wholesome and  good. It should feel easy to make another person's day to me because there aren't any greater feelings than seeing someone's genuine happiness. This helped me use my core values by simply feeling good just by being there. There is a sense of humaneness and bringing people together. It also allowed me to use my people skills by talking to them and giving of a positive aura so to speak. I could tell not everyone was as eager to talk or are just shy individuals, but by stirring it up it engaging with them they would open up and feel less awkward in a way. I thought by doing this it would help make it a welcoming environment.
            Others should definitely find ways to contribute when they can because it means so much more to them than it might mean for themselves, but could also be just a rewarding if not more. It's like a win-win situation. Even if one can't afford to be buying things, they can come and give them their presence and their energy. It means more to get to know the people you are helping because then you begin creating a connection that could be very meaningful or motivational. Life is hard and it is even harder for most people on Earth. Being grateful for having a roof over my head is something I think of everyday. It makes it that much easier to go out of my way to make another's day better. I know how lucky I am to be in the position I am today and it's not the same for most of the world.