Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Just seeing how people lined up at the door really proved how one small thing can improve one’s day. - Veterans Village by G.C.

            “I’ve learned what people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” -Maya Angelou. 

My experience at Veteran’s Village was a very pleasant one. I love helping people, so making a whole Italian dinner was something I had a good time doing. Upon entering, I was a little nervous to see so many people. This fear quickly went away when I saw how happy everyone was when they received their food. It was my job to serve and hep anyone who needed my assistance. I had a great time conversing and listening to the stories of the veterans waiting in line to eat.
            I definitely feel like this experience helped strengthen my core values and skills. Not only did having to make the food help with my time management, but it also encouraged me to take the time to stop and give back. Seeing how happy it made everyone to receive their plates helped me realize that it is important to give thanks. It also helped me realize the importance of listening to the needs of others. I did not hesitate to help anyone there in need of assistance. By helping them, I could tell I helped brighten their day, even if it was just a little. In order to provide a cheerful experience, I enjoyed sharing stories and taking in the advice and life lessons they had to offer. I will now take this advice with me into the future and learn from it.
            I feel it is important for others to give back and find ways to contribute. If we all came together in such a way, the outcome would be great. Just seeing how people lined up at the door really proved how one small thing can improve one’s day. You never know what one is going through personally, so taking a small step such as serving food can prove to have a bigger impact than expected. I wouldn’t trade my experience at Veteran’s Village for anything, because seeing so many people enjoying what I brought made me realize that it is so easy to give back. Knowing there are so many little things we can do to contribute is something I will never forget. Because of this experience I will always be on the search for new ways to help my community.