Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Just pick up your arms, straighten your back, and let’s start contributing - Veterans Village by G.G.

Mother Teresa said, “It’s not how much we give but how much love we put into giving”, and I really like this because when you put love into giving, really, your giving twice. That’s why I really enjoyed this extra credit assignment. Dr. Soldani puts a lot of love into giving at veteran’s village. I thought at first that we all would be eating with the veterans, I had no clue that would be serving them. It was a real treat.  
First, I get there, and Dr. Soldani is like “ok, its up to you guys figure it out, I am going outside to talk to some of the veterans and get them all ready to come in.” I’m like, oh boy. So, after myself and a couple other classmates stand there and look dumbfounded, I say ok there are 5 of us and we all need a job. I directed one guy to handle the meats and we put the meats on his side of the counter, I asked another guy if he wanted to do the spaghetti and he was fine with that. After that there were two girls left and I suggested that one of them pour condiments like ranch and blue cheese in cups to get them ready so to keep the line moving faster, and the other we agreed that she would pass out deserts. Cake I think it was. I stood in the back and handled pizza and filled treys up with salad and kept the guys supplied salad treys to start with. We had a lot of salad, so for the most part everybody got salad whether they asked for it or not. 
Once Dr. Soldani returned, she returned with a whole mess of veterans. It got loud. We were slapping salads on plates, asking them what all they wanted next and then they were on to the condiment and desert table. After about twenty to twenty-five minutes of that the rush was over, the chaos was over and there we were, blood pumping, all looking at each other again. One of the girls started cleaning a couple of the serving war, and it began, we all started cleaning. Five to seven minutes later we were all done. 
Dr. Soldani took a picture with all of us and we were gone. 
The smiles on those faces though.
I naturally tend to want to help people on a day to day basis, but not always does the opportunity present itself. My most common thing that I will do to give me the sense of doing my part in society is by helping people on the side of the road or at a gas station with an overheated car or something similar. It’s not all that often that somebody actually ask’s me to be a part of such a great cause. It allowed me to really use my leadership skills in an opportune moment. 
Dr. Soldani left us with no plans or direction and everybody looked lost. I was lost too, to be honest, but I was standing around a bunch of people much younger than myself. That’s when I said what the heck. Let’s make a plan. If I hadn’t have tried I probably still would not know that I have leadership qualities. I was confident, and it made me even more confident after, and still today. I’m saying all this because I really enjoyed the event and everything about it, the cause, the veterans, and the volunteers. And especially a special thanks to Dr. Soldani for finding it in her heart to continue to create such an opportunity, for those who can help to help those that need help. It’s beautiful. So beautiful that I went again.
Like I said, I really am in awe of this cause. I just wish people could find other ways to contribute. I think others should find more ways to contribute today and not put things off until tomorrow. Ralph Waldo Emerson said, “You cannot do kindness too soon, for you never know how soon it will be too late”. I think this is an awesome quote. It’s true, don’t say I could help this person later, or there is plenty time to do my part. The fact is you never know who is watching, a little boy or girl could see you do something kind and bam, you now have just inspired a small child to do greatness. Just pick up your arms, straighten your back, and let’s start contributing. There is definitely not a lack of good causes, only good people!