Tuesday, May 7, 2019

I think these kind of experiences are the one that teach you values that work for your entire life - Veterans Village by TN

In life a good thing to do is to help, participate, be in projects in which involve helping others, that helps you to be a better person. On this semester I had the opportunity to participate in a project in which I had to bring food and serve it to veterans; this project was organized by the professor Dr. Soldani, a great person who always does this. She has a lot of time doing it and since I went to the veterans village I know why she does it, this experience gives you the opportunity to learn values from others and experience your own values with other people who need your help. Now that I learned many things from this experience I want to share all I got and what we did on this opportunity.
First, It was a Thursday and I had class with professor Dr. Soldani, after we had the class we went to this place were the veterans are. At the first moment we were organizing everything to be organized when the veterans come. I signed in a web page that Dr. Soldani provided for us to bring cupcakes and cake, I brought it as well as my other classmates. Everyone had to bring something that was in the web page, like spaghetti, cupcakes, rice, cake, drinks, sodas, etc.
Second, when we organized everything the veterans arrived, I think it was at 7:30 PM, and they started to eat. We served all the food to them and they were very grateful with us, some of them stayed talking to us and with Dr. Soldani. We could notice that they knew Dr. Soldani from many time ago. After a while my cupcakes were already gone and a lot of veterans arrived hungry. The food was finishing and there were hungry veterans, but we had something in our favor that there was a game and they picked up the food quickly to watch the game.
After all the veterans came and ate, we stayed cleaning up everything because we did kind of make  a mess with all the food, the drinks and all the people who came. After a while that we were organizing I was very tired, same as my classmates, and we left. The room that we were was a room like an apartment but organized for events and all that stuffs. I arrived home at 8 PM I think and I realize that I had a good time with all my classmates, the veterans, and Dr. Soldani.
Concluding, I think these kind of experiences are the one that teach you values that work for your entire life. I have to thanks Dr. Soldani for the big opportunity that she gave me at the moment to do this. It was amazing how the veterans were very grateful with us because of that food, and since that moment I learned that we have to help others, because that gives us experiences that teach us many things for our lives. I had a great time.