Tuesday, May 7, 2019

I did it once and then attended almost every dinner without signing up. - Veterans Village essay by K.N.

“I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” Giving goes along way and the thought process rather big or small generates smiles throughout. To be in a position able to help others is such a blessing . Serving the Veterans at the village was an opportunity I will never forget. Seeing the people smile as we served them plates filled high with love and to see their eyes light with joy made my heart beat faster. Knowing that we as a group ( there is no I in team) all came together as one with no differences to make such a huge impact on Thursdays , shows that unity is the key. Arriving early and setting up all the food and to see what everyone had contributed was a true blessing. As the Veterans came in to get their plates of food we worked together to make sure everyone received a fair share.
I have worked in the food service industry for more than 10 years. When it came time to preparing food to take to the village , I always prepared the food with love and passion. My skills as a cook allowed me to portion every meal evenly , to assure everyone received a fair portion. Afterwards cleaning was a ease , it would take less than 15 minutes to restore the kitchen back to tip top shape as we all worked together. When I prepared food for the veterans one week it was great, especially seeing them come back and ask for seconds. There is nothing better than a hot home cooked meal.
This was my first time engaging in this kind of experience. I did it once and attended almost every dinner without signing up. It became more than just an opportunity to earn just extra credit but an opportunity to help bear more fruits on the tree. The gift of giving is the greatest gift of all. To see how 2 of my teachers give so much of their time and dedication to help others who have served our country, its such an blessing and honor. To have the satisfaction at night knowing that you helped more than one person in a day , words cannot describe it. Everyone should engage and not just for the extra credit but for the simple fact that giving goes a long way. We all hit a rough spot in our life and one day you might need help. Never say never because you don’t know what the hands of time will bring upon you. Even over the summer I plan to attend dinners and continue to spread joy, just so I can see the smiles of those who truly are thankful for the fruits we bear.