Tuesday, May 7, 2019

I am now an outgoing individual who is eager for new challenges daily* -Veterans Village Essay by T.M.

“Courage is the most important of all the virtues, because without courage you can’t practice any other virtue consistently. You can practice any virtue erratically, but nothing consistently without courage.”  Maya Angelou
So, my professor along with 15 other classmates, myself included, would serve in the social room to the residents of Veterans Village located on 1280 Kissimmee Street here in Tallahassee, Florida. I was able to participate in three dinners and each time we went there was a different theme for the dinner (BQQ/Southern favorites, potluck, Spring Feast), just to name a few. This experience was everything very organized. We had to sign up for something to bring with food, dessert, or beverages. If you were bringing food more than likely you were cooking, a description was required on what you were going to be bringing, so everyone wouldn’t bring the same thing. I cooked one time and it was baked beans. I brought in dessert as well as fruit skewers to serve to the veterans.
A theme I saw being used from our class was activation. People who are exceptionally talented in this theme can make things happen by turning thoughts into action. They want to do things now, rather than simply talk about them. My duties were to help the other volunteers/classmates at the dessert table fix to-go boxes of whatever desserts the Veterans would like. After we were finished serving the vet’s who came in, we would box up everything that was left and set the boxes in another small room just in case there were any of them missed the time we were serving. We would all clean up together and take a picture afterward.
 This was such an amazing experience because just something as simple as a meal put smiles on their faces and that’s the beauty in giving back. I was able to enhance my communication skills each time I participated which also improved your leadership skills and effectively learn how to guide, motivate, influence and persuade others to exceed your goals. I also was able to make a good friend during this service-learning project. In this case our goal was to come together was a group to make sure the Veterans were well feed. Leadership skills will help me in all aspects of my career or just in general aspects in life, being that I was able to give back to the community.  Being involved in groups with requires tasks that goes beyond what I was comfortable doing just a year ago. Because I was pushed, I am now an outgoing individual who is eager for new challenges daily. From applying for jobs to seeking career advancement because the skills of a leader involve multiple interpersonal and communication skills, anyone can exercise and tone their leadership abilities. This act of service was a great choice for me, and I would do it all over again if I could.