Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Everyone there was happy and very generous* by JF

“As you grow older, you will discover that you have two hands, one for helping yourself, the other for helping others.”(Audrey Hepburn) 

I luckily had the chance to participate in such a great opportunity to use my other hand and help others. Showing up at Veterans Village couldn’t have gone any better, well at least if I didn’t get lost trying to find the place for the first ten minutes. On the other note being able to see many of those who have served and fought for us was a true site, but the even better site was to see how everyone gathered around and participated in this amazing cause to help those who have helped us. To see their faces and expression when receiving these meals that we worked as a team to put together was also an amazing experience. To see how Dr. Soldani work and what she has done for many many years for this great cause to help others, most importantly Veterans. 
Gathering around with fellow classmates and meeting many new faces was also a given opportunity for those who participated. Working as a team and preparing plates of food to hand to those amazing individuals who have been getting treated so greatly by the works of Dr. Soldani.
 Being able to bring in a few items and to see those items go into hands that very much appreciate them was a great feeling. 
Everyone there was happy and very generous and it allowed me to see and open up, which is hard for me because I'm very shy and to myself. I usually don’t speak to anyone I do not know and rather sit by myself in quiet. Going to Veterans Village was different though. I felt welcome as did everyone else. The vibes as well as all the laughter and good energy in the air made me feel comfortable enough to open up and meet new people.
 If this opportunity is presented to you I definitely would take advantage of it. Not because of the extra credit but to see and feel all the positive energy that surrounds that place because of the love, passion, and thankfulness of everyone who helps and receives. It’s a great experience as well as a great opportunity to help and show love and support to those who have done the same for you and their country. Don’t miss out on a chance like this, you have to see it and experience it yourself to feel and know what I have talked about.