Saturday, January 5, 2019

Colonial Fashion Show

It's late on Saturday and I have emptied my closet out just like Marie Kondo wanted me too.  Now I need to go through every single thing to see if it sparks joy.

She doesn't actually know me but I have read her book and watched all her shows and I know she  would not have wanted me to spend tonight working on syllabi or doing laundry; she would want me to find joy. 

Thanks Marie.

I am trying on things I have been unsure about and Zoe gives the first one (the one I love) an thumbs down.

The second one (the one I'm not sure of) gets a resounding five stars and a request to borrow it. Score.

Zoe  winces at third which is ok because I wasn't sure either.

 I try on the fourth item - a white shirt -- forwards and then backwards.

I'm not sure; the neck is too high. 

Or maybe it's what people wear?

The arms are too fluffy, or are they just right?

It does feel quite silky and that's something, right? 

I show Zoe. She chokes. She pulls her phone out.

You, you, you look like.... a colonial. You look like....... OMG BEN FRANKLIN I LOVE YOUR WORK!  

Zoe takes my picture and sends it out.

Yay. This shirt sparks joy,  I'm keeping it.