Sunday, December 9, 2018

Service Project: Victoria - "They lit up when we told them how we won a national championship last season

Saint Basil once said “A tree is known by its fruit; a man by his deeds. A good deed is never lost; he who sows courtesy reaps friendship, and he who plants kindness gathers love.” I chose to use this quote because It really stood out to me, I couldn’t agree more with this quote. To me this means you are who you become, you reap what you sow. This has to do connecting with the work I did with the veterans because I believe in doing things not because you have to but because you want to and the universe will reward you with even better karma. It takes no time to help people that really need it out. I think of it this way, If I was in that position I sure would want somebody to help me out, so me being blessed that I am not in that position find it good to help out.
At Veterans Village I happened to pass out their drinks as well as greet them and stand outside letting them know their is food ready for them to come dive in, I even helped some of them bring with their food if they couldn't carry it. While I was outside which is where I started me and my teammates were letting the residents know that the food is ready and being served in the dining room. We had our basketballs with us due to us having to carry them everywhere, so if you ask me I believe us dribbling them and playing around outside attracted them as well because a couple of them asked us if we played for TCC and then started reminiscing about how they used to play basketball and how they follow TCC sports back in the day. We engaged in their conversations, they lit up when we told them how we won a national championship last season !  They got to talking about every sport they played and watch and it was just some really good conversation while walking them up to the dining room where the food was.
This helped me use my core values and skills in a very meaningful way. It also made me realize that what we do here at Tallahassee Community College means and inspires a lot of people. I am usually not a talkative person but I felt like this was a good time to step up and talk to people because sometimes peoples day are not going good and one good conversation could make their day instantly. And I feel like if I can make a couple people smile my dity for the day will be done. There's nothing like saying thank you to a vet and then seeing their face light up when you ask them questions about their experience. It is like they are just waiting for somebody they are able to tell their stories to.  Even if it is just small talk or a mini conversation if you listen to them while their talking you will hear how excited they are to be sharing these moments, even if it is about them losing their leg. This experience just made me appreciate a lot as well as think a lot.
I think others should contribute to this because it is really a good thing to do, It will really make you feel like you are making a big impact of people. There is nothing like making somebody's day by serving them free food, drinks and listening ears ! Even if you are doing much but handing out drinks or serving their food it is still a happy environment. Of course some of them look mean but you just need to break the ice a little bit and you will see that that is what they were waiting for all alone. Nothing like a good meal and conversation. They think they need to explain a couple things to us but that is okay just listen, smile and hand them their drink and their day will be made. It is more than extra credit, it makes your soul feel good helping others out.