Sunday, December 9, 2018

Service Project: Tyler - "What a great experience it was to serve them."

“We need more kindness, more compassion, more joy, more laughter. I definitely want to contribute to that” (Ellen DeGeneres). 

For the Veteran’s Village Potluck dinner, I decided to sign up for bringing desserts. I have the biggest sweet tooth, and love to bake. I decided to make cupcakes and cookies for the Veterans due to it being very easy just to grab and go. 
Eating sweets bring out the kid in us all, with many of the Veterans being older I wanted to made sure I accomplished this and try to make their day special for them. 

As I walked into the small space to set up, I was worried about the true lack of counter and table space there was, but we really came together as a team and made it work, assembling to go boxes for easy transport and set up. 

As they walked in and lined up to grab their to go boxes and pick out some desserts and refreshments, they all joked with each other, and bonded like they were one big happy family. As they talked to each other you could tell they were all in this together and always willing to help one another.
Most of them really showed their gratitude and thanks as we served them. They were very interested in us and how we were, as if we met them before. One of the older veterans even led us in prayer,thanking us for what we did and asking God to bless us all, I found that very heartwarming.What a great experience it was to serve them.
    Serving them dinner really showed how we could use our core values and skills in a way that’s meaningful. All of us volunteers that came to provide them with dinner, I could tell, had very strong core values. I could see in everyone’s faces that it wasn’t all about the extra credit opportunity, rather the opportunity to serve. I could see everyone’s smile on their face as the Veterans showed thanks to us. Everyone really showed interest in serving them and talking with the Vets as they walked through. I really enjoy to bake, when you eat the desserts it is the product of your skills. Making baked goods can truly be an art form, decorating the cupcakes in accordance to the season. Some of us are skillful when it comes to cooking, this was an opportunity to show it, and use your skills for something good. Even if you are not good at cooking or if it doesn’t interest you we still all have skills and a way of showing them. Many of the other students showed very good people skills interacting with the Vets, hearing what they had to say, and showing a lot of interest in talking to them.
    In this crazy fast paced world of ours, it is nice to take a step back and give to others. Finding ways to contribute is very humble and generous. In acts of kindness to others you may make their day, or even their year. Some people have a lack of family and friends that give to them and you showing kindness and generosity to them can be very moving. We do not have to be wealthy to give back and contribute, even as simple as volunteering in the community can make a big difference in society. In times of devastation showing kindness to others really helps. After hurricane michael thousands were left homeless, many still are. Surrounding communities came together to go to the places hit very hard volunteering with the Red Cross. Volunteering can really contribute in vast ways to the community, helping someone left with nothing, in the journey of cleaning up and rebuilding. As a teen I volunteered at the Humane Society offering help to stray animals, and animals in terrible living conditions, there’s hundreds of ways to contribute and be involved in your community. At one point or another we all need some sort of help, whether it be emotional, or physical, we all can find ways to contribute and make our community closure and better. Over time we can make great change in this world, for the good of us all, through contributing and volunteering.