Sunday, December 9, 2018

Service Project: TJ - "The resilience of the veterans just touched my heart and pushed me to go harder with working towards my major."

Many believe that people are homeless because they don’t want to get up off their asses but to be honest, they are most likely facing a disorder that prevents them from being able to live an ordinary life.
The first-time volunteering at the veteran's dinner I helped my classmates carry food as well as helped Dr. Soldani carry the remaining beverages. I arrived at the dinner about 35 minutes early. I rolled up forks and spoons. I also had to help set up the dessert table while other people were getting the hot dinners laid out.
Being a part of this helped me use my core values a lot because I truly wanted to help them and not just because of the extra credit. This experience will also help me in the long run considering I will be majoring in sociology. I plan to become a social worker that deals with a lot of veterans.  Being a social worker will allow me to help support veterans as well as educate them on various coping methods. Bringing the veterans food was a way of me telling them thank you and showing them respect.
While talking to some of the veterans I noticed how some of them are different than me. They tend to deal with a lot more inside their own head. This allowed me to open up and look past their situation, through a simple conversation. While talking to the veterans, it showed me how much support the TCC women have. I remember a conversation with one veteran who expressed his love of watching us play and how he hasn't been coming to the games because he was fighting cancer. This really motivated me to keep fighting and going hard.
One core value that the experience brought out of me the most is “motivation and respect” because I felt so motivated knowing that they went out to fight and make a difference. The motivation came from many conversations I had with the veterans. Listening to them opened my eyes up to how blessed I am and the gift that God gave me. I give the veterans respect because of the joy I felt in the room when I was with the them. The veterans are homeless and dealing with a lot that is out of their control yet somehow, they still manage to keep a smile on their faces. The resilience of the veterans just touched my heart and pushed me to go harder with working towards my major.
I feel people should find a way to help the veterans because of the respect they have earned.  We as Americans should find some place in our hearts to give back; whether that be by donating old clothes or volunteering at the homeless shelter.  The fact that veterans have helped keep freedom in our country is a main reason to show appreciation.  Veterans demonstrate selflessness and courage by risking their own lives for the greater good of others.
In conclusion, Volunteering for the veteran was a great experience for me, it allowed me to show respect and appreciation.  Veterans are brave, very loving, and respectful. I believe as an up incoming social worker I can use this experience help me grow and improve.