Sunday, December 9, 2018

Service Project: Megan - "This made me realize how badly I want to do more in the world to help those in need"

“We need more kindness, more compassion, more joy, more laughter. I definitely want to contribute to that.”

Ellen DeGeneres

During the month of November, a little bit before Thanksgiving I participated in an event hosted by my professor at the Veterans Village. This event was to give appreciation to our Veterans who are struggling even the slightest bit and help them.
We were all told to bring a dish of our choice or plates and silver wear the men and women could eat with on the sign-up website. Since I’m not that good of a cook I decided to bring my famous “slutty brownies” ( they’re just brownies with sugar cookies on the bottom and oreo’s in the center...soo least I think so). While I was baking these, I was so nervous about the Veterans liking my dish that I almost forgot them on the way to the event! Once I arrived we all set up our dishes at the dinner table downstairs and waited for the men and women of the veterans village to arrive.
After participating in this event I feel like it made me realize how much it means to those in need a simple smile or question about how they’re doing means to them.
Especially going out of your way to help them and bring them home cooked foods really affects them. While speaking with the men and women, even if they didn't show it, you could tell in their eyes how much it meant to them that we had brought them home cooked foods and fresh fruits. So many of them were continuously thanking us it felt heartwarming to show them we care and are thankful for there services and that it’s ok that they may be struggling right now because there are people in this world that care. Doing this helped me use my core values to express my compassion and humor to these men and women to make them feel more comfortable around us. From doing this I feel like my communication skills have improved because I was able to put myself out of my comfort zone and make sure those who were strangers to me felt comfortable and were taken care of. This made me realize how badly I want to do more in the world to help those in need.
In my opinion, I feel very strongly that our generation is what this society will rely on in the future and that we should make it a known responsibility to help those in need. Helping those who can’t help themselves as much as they'd like, is not just benefiting

them but it can also benefit the person contributing by giving them a sense of contentment and happiness along with those feelings of the person who is getting the help. It’s not easy for veterans to come out and swallow their pride to ask for help with there lives because they have little to nothing to survive. It should be our job as a society, as a nation to make sure that these people are not afraid to ask for help and that we offer help and services to help those in needs without even having to be asked.
That is why I chose the quote by Ellen because I as well want to do more in this world to bring about more kindness in the world because she is correct; we definitely do need it.