Sunday, December 9, 2018

Service Project: Katherine - " I was multitasking, getting cakes ready to serve, handing out sodas, and engaging in small conversations with the vets as they were reaching the end of the line and making their way out the door. They're just regular people!"

“As you grow older, you will discover that you have two hands, one for helping yourself, the other for helping others.”
- Audrey Hepburn

This quote spoke to me the most because the older I get, the more I understand that living on this planet together means we are all here to coexist and be there for each other as a human race. Just think about it, similar species in the wild for example, wolves all band together as a pack and help each other out to find food shelter and safety even if they're not blood related. This goes for humans in the exact sense except we as society have put up walls and cut certain groups of people off based on how they look, social class, and whether we even feel like it's worth helping another human that isnt ourselves. We have been raised to only work and get along with people that are like us and immediately judge or ridicule anyone who isn’t like us or into the same things we are, but at the end of the day we are all the same species that need to work together to survive on this hostile dying, planet full of hate.
I honestly signed up for veteran's village because of the extra credit that was offered but I didn’t know how much I would enjoy going there and serving people a nice dinner until last night. When I showed up with my four 12 packs of soda and trash bags, I walked up into the small apartment, and there were two other girls who were also volunteering there at the time. We all seemed somewhat confused on how things were going to be ran because none of us have ever
attended a veteran's village dinner yet but as more volunteers showed up, we were instructed to just simply set ourselves up in an assembly line and pack up all the delicious food and deserts into take home containers. I don’t think any of the student volunteers knew each other except an exception of two girls but we were all able to work together and make the event go as smooth as possible. We worked quickly and made sure all the veterans were happy with the food they got and they all were so grateful that we were there helping and being so pleasant. We all cleaned up in less than 15 minutes and things couldn’t have gone any better, we were in and out in less than an hour.
The veteran's dinner helped me use my core values and skills in a meaningful way because I really respected our veterans and was able to incorporate my good humor and positivity into serving them dinner, and the whole event was just good vibes and really heartwarming. A few of the other volunteers seemed pretty quiet when it came to talking to the veterans at all, I mean it wasn’t mandatory or anything but some were giving me the vibe they were intimidated by the vets or they just didn’t know how to act in a social setting. Myself, I like to take charge in things because I feel like in my head before things even start, I am pretty good at mapping out an efficient way to get things done. I was multitasking, getting cakes ready to serve, handing out sodas, and engaging in small conversations with the vets as they were reaching the end of the line and making their way out the door. They're just regular people!
Nothing to be afraid of, I guess I'm just a people person and can sense vibes and see the aura of people, so I know how to approach them with a conversation or just a simple smile and “enjoy your dinner and your night.” My humor is my best personal quality and I feel like I can navigate around conversations to keep them going back and forth, one gentleman actually held a long conversation with me when things were dying down about what I wanted to do career wise and if

I played any sports in the past, I enjoyed talking to him and the rest of the vets because several of them reminded me of my dad. I think next semester, it should be a requirement for each student to participate in a veteran's village dinner because I really liked it, the vets were so grateful and sweet and they deserve to have 5 courses, brought in by students. I think that they too will get a humbling experience out of this like I did, not just extra credit. I am considering coming to veteran’s village dinners in the future as well if times and dates are posted somewhere available to me. Overall, it's just nice to help people out that have once done something for us directly or indirectly just because it makes one feel good inside and it increases you