Sunday, December 9, 2018

Service Project: Juliana - " During times of volunteering though, you stop and everything in life just seems to stop and calm down for a little bit."

“We need more kindness, more compassion, more joy, more laughter. I definitely want to contribute to that.” Ellen DeGeneres
            While visiting the Veteran’s Village, I was super nervous. I enjoy giving my time to volunteer so I wasn’t nervous about volunteering, I was nervous about all of the emotions that may overcome me because of how emotional I am when I feel like I haven’t helped enough. I contributed brownies to the veteran’s village the week before thanksgiving and I also helped served them. During my time volunteering, I also listened to many people talk about how thankful they were for us which really warmed my heart and made me realize how young students like us should give out time more often to helping others, especially those who may have served us through our country.
            I’ve always grown up with a kind heart, wanting to help others. With how this world is becoming it is very hard to help out random strangers or give your time because you never know if it will be too dangerous or not. With veteran’s village, I knew Dr. Soldani wouldn’t take us anywhere that we were in danger and I knew with how kind of a heart she has it would be a great experience, I aspire to be just as kind and energetic as she is as I go through my life. To interact with these kind people was awesome. The day that I went they weren’t expecting anyone, but when they found out we were there, their faces lit up. They were so thankful for all of the food that we brought and of course that we served them. Sometimes we forget there are people out there that did good for us before this world got so bad, everyone is so self-centered and doesn’t want to give their time to help out, but seeing how happy and talkative they were really made me realize how often I should help others out more.
            Coming out of your teen years into adulthood is a big change. We’re trying to find our way and what we like and dislike and be adults. We get so caught up with wanting everything to move fast and for us to graduate and get our jobs and settle down that we never really just stop and enjoy the moment. During times of volunteering though, you stop and everything in life just seems to stop and calm down for a little bit. You start to listen to them tell us stories about their lives or even about their day. As the night starts to end, the amount of “thank you’s” and “see you next time” you get is unbelievable and it really shows you how easy something so small and can mean something so big to others. I know also most people when they are stressed or down, making someone’s day is a lot of help. During the time I volunteered I had a lot of stress and sadness brought upon me all at once. It was hard to deal with, but baking the brownies and serving them made me realize that there are way more things that can make you happy in this world than there are things that can make you sad, if you keep a positive outlook on things.