Sunday, December 9, 2018

Service Project: Daniel - "On Thanksgiving Day I decided to take a few hours to give some veterans food"

“Do you want to know who you are? Don't ask. Act! Action will delineate and define you.”

            -Thomas Jefferson

This quote is similar to another quote I was told a lot growing up which was “you are what you repeatedly do” and one of the things I would want to do all my life is give back to people especially people like the veterans who gave everything for me. These people left their families and the comfort of their country to fight and protect us so the least I can do is when they are older or get injured in the process and give back to them. On Thanksgiving Day I decided to take a few hours to give some veterans food and what I brought in was stuffing. The thing about the stuffing is I’m a subpar cook to say the least and wanted to get it premade so it came out good for them but finding decent stuffing was quite the challenge since I ended up going to multiple grocery stores that just didn’t have it or ran out until I finally found one.
                  Coming from a very strict household and always being taught from a young age that just being born and healthy is already like winning the lottery and since other people unfortunately aren’t as blessed as I am the least I can do is give a little back to them since they can’t for themselves. Also my Father is a veteran that served in the army and I have been able to benefit from everything he did for the country and again if all I have to is give up a little bit of my time and money for them then it is well spent. I was able to talk to some of the veterans when I got there and they were just so happy to see so many people showing their appreciation for them and everything they did for us and I thought that was super cool.
                  I think its everyone’s responsibility to give back to the less fortunate because some people were dealt some pretty hard lives and most of us are able to go to school and just study or work part time while these people literally die to give it to us. My father wasn’t able to go to college because he was an immigrant from Cuba and really had no money and had to work for most of his youth and then join the army after and he was able to provide me everything I ever wanted. So in a sense giving back is just showing you appreciate the people that make your life so easy and doing something as simple as just spending your time with them can make their day so that’s why I went to veterans village and spent time there on thanksgiving and was able to bring them some stuffing to eat on a day that’s about giving all you can.