Sunday, December 9, 2018

Service Project: AF ".... to be a part of this good and sweet and lovely participation"

“To give real service you must add something which cannot be bought or measured with money, and that is sincerity and integrity.” I chose this quote because it has a deep meaning. Something from your bottom heart turn it into a service giving it to people who really need it. 
I went to the veteran village in the Thanksgiving Day specially to know that we appreciate them, and they are never forgotten. I cooked mac and cheese in the thanksgiving and took it to the veteran village as a side dish so they can have a better food in the thanksgiving. I know that without the veteran dinner in this class, nobody else cook for them. I participate in that dinner to be a part of this good and sweet and lovely participation, to send them a message from the heart (we remember you).
This dinner made me cook, which I rarely do. I wanted to cook it by myself because it is from me. I wanted to put my love in it while I was cooking. This dinner made me use my cooking skills and my thoughtful values. I cooked for a meaningful reason. To serve these veterans food full of emotions and with a good taste. I hope they liked my Mac and cheese. I might not be a good chef, but I used my heart while I was cooking. I hope they felt that.
Everyone should contribute in this dinner. That will made them feel happier, and they will get more food and food variety. And that will made them feel better because they will really know that they are unforgotten. They will know that the society still remember them and recognizing their exiting, and everyone still appreciate what they did, and we all feel them now and feel the way they live. As described in the quote we can give them something that cant be bought by money, this thing is love, emotions, and we all should be there for them, we always should remember them because they needed us now as we needed them before, so we must be there for them now like they were there for us. Big respect and big love.
Best Regards, AF