Sunday, December 9, 2018

Research: Thea - "Research in today’s society with the amount of kids going to school is so important because it teaches you to sit down and learn"

Research Extra Credit- Thea Tutor
This semester, I researched  two separate casefiles. The first one was about a guy named Sidney Walker and the second was on Luella Hammer. Both of these casefile had some interesting information that was discovered. I took about 7-9 hours on the first one and about the same on the second. The second one that I did was an extended research on the file. I did a peer review for 5 students and got more insight on research from their work. I also took the time to research and understand the actual course information. I had to get used to getting all sorts of information and not knowing what to do with it until later on. I got the hang of it and just wrote down all sorts of things so that I had something to look back on when I found something else the next day. At first, I was not expecting this process to be as lengthy as it ended up being. I sat looking at my computer for hours before I would find something important. I really understand why Dr. Soldani had such a huge emphasis on the importance of research at the beginning of the semester now. I never thought that I could enjoy research until this class.
I got access to which was very helpful. Looking online through old newspapers as well as old marriage, death and birth certificates was also so interesting. I learned how to read stuff from the olden days which I would have never had the opportunity of doing any other way. This class was a lot of research and a lot of time was put into the class because it is not a typical history class. I thought this class would be memorizing names and dates like every other history class, but I was so wrong. This class taught me so much about how teachers should be teaching kids, especially in today’s world. Research is what is important, not memorizing names and dates that we all forget after the test. The reason Dr. Soldani has taught so many kids and been successful with it is because she does not spit information at us in order of how it happened and tell us what is important for the test. She gives us the information kind of out of order and makes us sit down on our own time to figure it out and make it into a story for ourselves. That is what I call learning. I have never put more work into a class but I would not change a second of it. This class taught me so much more than just history and how to make sense of it. I learned how to research. I learned that in order to have successful research, you cannot be in a rush and you cannot go into it with an expected output. You must get lost along the way. The tests in this class were never tricks. She gave us everything we could possibly need in order to succeed on the tests but we had to take the time ourselves to actually understand it. American History is actually interesting if you take the time to realize it. I never understood that in high school because it was never made interesting and the teachers just spat out information for us to memorize for the test the next day. Having a professor like Dr. Soldani was something I will never forget because I do everything differently now. I take the time to sit and understand the information to a point where I understand it and in the case of history I relate it to life now. Seeing how things come together from one class to another or even how history can repeat itself 40 years later is something that is so interesting to grasp.
Research in today’s society with the amount of kids going to school is so important because it teaches you to sit down and learn. That is something that many students do not ever do and then they get to real life and are told by their boss to figure something out and they have absolutely no idea where to even begin. Having the ability to research and research well is something that only certain teachers can actually teach and implement in their classes and this was done by Dr. Soldani, at least for me. I trusted the process and realized I might as well try and I really got somewhere with research. Research is now something that I understand and want more people to get used to doing.