Sunday, December 9, 2018

Research: Rootz - "In order to become better researcher, I would say the skills are patience and courage because of it not an overnight process it very time-consuming"

At the beginning of the semester I was struggling with my case files everyone I found it was very difficult to find information on them. I would try to goggle their information no results I spent two and a half hours looking up information on ancestry. I would find basic information such the person’s name, age, and if they are married or not partial information on the crimes it was not very details. For example one of the people I had chosen whom I believed was a criminal when I logged in to the information I found only stated that the person went to jail for burning down a building he had mental health. Once I changed my case file to a different one which is the 1900’s census by founding how many people live in a house if they rent or owned their place or lived in a farm if they attended school some of the people from people who did not attend school were able to write and read. Other information I would find if they are immigrant if so the data based would be informed when they came to America their birthplace as well as the parents birth placed and their occupation most women occupation were housewives or a teacher but mostly housewives. Also, if they have children how many they have and if they were living and how many died no information was added on the census regarding the deaths. What I learned about research it actually takes a lot of times and patience back to my very first case I was upset and frustrated because my research was not going anywhere at all basically I learned with research you cannot rush and if you messed up have to continue or pick a different route until you become successful. The peer reviews were amazing I learn about other crimes basically not how my classmates who wrote views the person or people they wrote about it gives me a chance to view the same experience as them. Reading American History is very interesting between the times of king and queens to presidents the clever things they have done for example Andrew Jacksons winning the battle in Louisiana just by surrounding the British soldiers and how the white view the black people. I did not know about black code until the lecture as well as President Lincoln did not actually care to free the slaves. Within my research, it seems as the people were having hard times I’m not quite sure if they had a life possibility majority may have but someone women would but that they are married but the husband information would not be found or stating whom they married to. For the second case file, it actually interests me that some people would have the same names as family members they would actually change their names into something different I’m assuming they do that to make sure the count is accurate they’re not counting the same member twice. In conclusion in regards to researching information about another person or something else is challenging again it takes a lot of time and patience sometimes the result may show up now or later. In order to become better researcher, I would say the skills are patience and  courage because of it not an overnight process it very time-consuming. In order to advance on becoming a great researcher, I would say seek help from professor, libraries and your classmates they may be able to help. The need to advance and analytical skills to succeed in the first 21st is that within ten years or more we are able to research not only people other things such as ocean, animals plants also as the years going by new technologies are being made and the new technologies can be used to help with researching whatever it is. Researchers will always be needed to help others who are not that advanced not only that but pretty much everything us as a human being are doing included some types of researching required whether it a small work or large work research always involved. Lastly I was able to hear a wonderful story about how one of my classmates and the professor was able to find her birth parents, as well as her other siblings and she, was able to meet them it was all through researching so from now on and the experience I’ve received I’ll make sure to be positive and less frustrated when researching.