Sunday, December 9, 2018

Research Overview: Imani - "To succeed in the 21st century with confidence it is necessary to know how to investigate and evaluate information"

I was excited to complete research on Dr.Archibald Wallace and research the roots and ancestry of Dr. Alex Haley. It took several days to do thorough and in depth research in on Dr. Archibald Wallace because he is not listed in any history books. However, I spent considerable amount of time also researching the background and roots on Dr. Alex Haley. Doing research is inspiring because the more I learned about the people the more I was motivated to learn more.
Once I was finally able to find Dr. Archibald Wallace’s death certificate than I was capable of researching information from the certificate. On the death certificated it indicated that he died from tuberculosis of the lung and throat in 1910.  As I investigated his death of tuberculosis according to the death certificated it stated that it was caused by him going in out of a cold shed while working as a veterinary. However, as I further investigated into his history and lifestyle it was proven that he join the military and was station in Kansas City, Kansas in 1903. During that time there was a great flood that caused the communities to face problems and deadly illnesses. “There were dead animals and standing water that caused the threat of disease” (The flood of 1903). I concluded with my research that there could be new evidence that caused his death from tuberculosis. I determine while he was station in Kansas City, Kansas it could have been a factor that contributed to him getting tuberculosis and died in 1910 which was only seven years later.
Dr. Alex Haley from Henning, Tennessee a wealthy and famous author inspired me to research through ancestry.Com searching for any information that would have been helpful to prove or show evidence that the Haley family and the Maclin which is my family may have the same relatives. I assume that with a small town’s population everybody would have known each other. I learned that my great father lived in Henning, Tennessee during the same time period that Alex Haley was there. However, I did not find that they were related. As I continued my research I wanted to see if they had any other things in common.  It was stated that my great grandfather Prince Maclin was born in 1918 and Haley Alex was born in 1921, According to ancestry.Com I did observe that both my great grandfather and Alex Haley’s great grandfather worked as farm Laborer in Henning, Tennessee. Alex Haley and my great grandfather were buried in Henning, Tennessee. Alex Haley was buried in Alex Haley’s Boyhood grounds in 1992 and my great grandfather was buried at El Canaan M.B. Church Cemetery in 1984. My great grandfather lived on Henning Lane and Alex Haley lived on South Church Street. According to the streets are “3 minutes away from each other which is 0.5 miles apart” ( That is an indication that they lived in the same neighborhood and they could have been play mates or visit the neighborhood store at the same time. Although, I could not find any information linking them together. I expand my research by going on the website to Alex Haley novel about ‘Roots’   to inquiry about Chicken George who according to Caswell County Historical Association real name is George Lea (Caswell County Historical Association, George (“Chicken George”)
 Then I went to to research his name but unfortunate there were no family members who I could associate with my family. However stated that George was born in “Caswell, North Carolina in 1806 and died and was buried in the Bethlehem cemetery in Henning, Tennessee in 1890” ( I also observed that according to that most of Alex Haley’s ancestors were not born in Henning, Tennessee but they migrated to Henning, Tennessee and they were all buried there.
Peer Review was exciting because it allowed me the opportunity to observe and review other students’ research and the way they navigated through their research in order to find information that was not obvious. There were some information that was really hard to determine if it was the right person that was being researched. It was interesting because some of the people had several different last names but all the other information matched. I recognized that in order to find the right person on that the research must be expanded and must go in depth for further information.
Advanced research is essential in order to keep up with modern technology while progressing in knowledge when trying to seek something new. To succeed in the 21st century with confidence it is necessary to know how to investigate and evaluate information. Therefore while researching information I concluded that critical thinking along with skills and abilities was an important part of investigating a subject and facts on a person whether it was current information or documentation.