Sunday, December 9, 2018

Research Overview: Desiree A

  During  this semester, I have completed 2 research projects and 1 peer review assignment. During the peer review assignment, we were assigned 5 classmates previous research projects. We read their research and had to conduct research on our own. I spent numerous days and hours researching a person.
   I have  2 research and in both research I have researched a female criminal. I find in fascinating why a person does what they do. Most people usually have a motive for doing something. Research is interesting but frustrating at the same time, because you be wow about things you would find out but frustrated because it takes a lengthy time to research them, they family and get accurate information.
   My first research it was a lady name is Vettelene Ormenta Klenzendorf who was found guilty for manslaughter. She was sentence for slaying of her asserted secret lover El Roy Carr. She claim the rifle fell to the floor and discharged accidentally. He died the same day he came home from an iron mountain where he married a 21 year old lady for 2 days before his death. He had wrote her a letter basically saying Betty and I been together but can’t get along without each other and he sorry. Her son claimed his was the shooter but his alibi didn’t match up and she was sentence to jail.
    The second research was an Indian lady name Cassie O’Neal. She committed manslaughter and was sentence 0-10 years. It was an Indian psychology, when you tell someone to do something you do it. She said he wanted her to marry him and she decline the offer, after she did he wanted her to shoot him. He rolled a cigarette while teaching her how to hold the gun, after I pulled the trigger she walked away. She also was a Indian princess.
In conclusion , researching can be fun. You find things about yourself and other people. You expect the unexpected.