Sunday, December 9, 2018

Research: Matthew - "I wish to conclude this paper by saying that I think everyone should learn what exactly it means to research something, whether it’s history or something for a job"

This semester my teacher had us do three research projects. They were very interesting, kind of long but interesting. These assignments in order were casefile number one, casefile number 2, and then peer research review. The first research assignment, casefile research number one was probably one of the hardest research assignments I have had throughout my college career. This assignment was hard because of the way she wanted you to research, but at the same time hard isn’t always a bad thing. In order to complete the casefile, you had to research criminals from the 18th and 19th century. When you researched these criminals in casefile 1, you had to go deep into their life and figure out details about their families, their name, what they got in trouble for, and if you wanted to take the time you could research their ancestors and how they were related and things
 like that. The fun thing about this assignment was that for casefile number one anything that you wanted to do for this assignment was up for grabs. There was not a specific way that she wanted you to do this assignment. The main point for this one was was just having fun locating details, and just researching anything and everything about your criminal. The one thing about this assignment that was a little frustrating, was some of the people that you picked to research were very hard to find information on. It was kind of frustrating because you literally would jump through hoops on, or, or google, and sometimes you would find things but they weren’t really what you were searching for. Even if they were about that specific person, there may not be a lot of detail on them, their life, or their families. With this being said, this assignment was fun but having to start over and over sometimes with certain things was frustrating. At the end of the day, even if it was challenging, I now understand what she wanted us to do. That that was basically going out on the net and learning how to research, in general. The lesson that you learned from this assignment was evident in the very beginning. It was very simple to grasp, research can be easy sometimes, but other times it can stress you out. If it’s easy you’re not doing it right.  The second research assignment casefile number two was not as hard to do. The way you did this assignment was either creating a family tree for this person, or just having an interesting story about them, one that if someone read they would be interested in reading more. The last research assignment we did was the peer review assignment. Basically for this assignment, we had to go peer review five of our peer’s papers, and grade them on certain stuff  like historical context, conclusion and introduction. The most important thing about this assignment was you had to pick two data points from their paper and research them, check and write about them in two paragraphs.

I learned while doing all of this that research is either very easy or very hard. It depends on what the assignment is and how much effort you are going to put into it. One big thing I learned, while reading documents for research and my peer reviews, is sometimes you have to really look carefully into it. Even though it seems like it can be easy, I learned from not just my research alone, but my peer’s research that sometimes with researching about certain topics, events, and people, American History especially is not an easy topic or subject to research about. I learned that reading documents can be hard because sometimes there can be a lot of detail and it might be hard to decipher what is really going on in that document. As far as American History goes, I learned that it is a very interesting topic and that a lot of fascinating things happened back then. Whether the crime was forgery, murder, or being cheated on, American History is by far one of the hardest and most interesting topics I have ever learned about and researched.
I wish to conclude this paper by saying that I think everyone should learn what exactly it means to research something, whether it’s history or something for a job; it is definitely a skill that can help you in life especially if it’s part of your career. I also think that with certain jobs like newspaper writers, sports writers, and journalists, that you should definitely know and learn how to analyze certain things when researching them. The main reason why I see that this would be important, is because depending on your job title it might help you in the long run with deadlines. For example, if your boss goes to you and says I need you to do an article or find some information on this, then you will know how to do it!