Sunday, December 9, 2018

Research: Lyrik - "When I look back on my research I definitely see the time and effort put into it and although it wasn’t perfect I tried"

        In Dr.Soldani’s history 2020 course we have done three research assignments that were all very time consuming as well as an informative assignment.  We were instructed to do two casefiles and them a peer review on these casefiles. Basically, casefiles are cases that we are given to choose in class and very from slaves, prisoners, etc. When I did my research, it was about women criminals in the 1950s. Seemed to be very interesting but the amount of time it took to find the information on those ladies was very excessive. It was a great assignment and Dr.Soldni provided us two great sources which were and I don’t know how well it would have gone without the help of those sources. With this project came a lot of time going into it because they're so my people in this world that when we are looking up these people numerous amounts of people have the same name. What I had to do for these projects were find out who these criminals were (in my case). With these women's cases being from the 1950s there wasn’t a lot of information in these cases about these women. Also, the hand writing was a little hard to figure out. But there is a lot of work and putting the pieces into the puzzle that comes along with it. Majority of the projects were fun, but all-in all-time consuming.
    In the researches we had the chance to do one on criminals, another on family and the last on our classmate's casefiles. In my perspective I learned lot from the casefiles especially the last one I did on my family tree. I was able to back track on my family which was honestly cool. Some things I was able to find out is some things about my great-grandfather. His name that was given to me is Robert Herman Kleaver. But his real name is Herman Kleaver. His mom gave him that name at birth and he did not like his name so made it to Robert. He was drafted in too the army for world war two and there were pictures that I saw of his paper work like actual documents. It was cool, and I never thought to investigate. When doing this family tree, I also discovered some of my family members have been living near me and I never knew it. This research project has been informative to me because I have gotten the chance to get some insight on my family that I do not know much about. The casefiles I had to research on about the criminals was just as interesting because we got too see actual criminals and their crimes. 
In one of the casefiles I discovered the criminal had the word chink as a word to describe her, but it is slang for Chinese and it can be offensive of course. The last project was the peer review when we were able to read our classmates projects and grade them. Also, we were instructed to do our own research and see if we could find something on our peers' person/ persons that they couldn’t find which was interesting reading through. Honestly this was the hardest part, because it was hard to really conduct research on people that didn’t have background information but was telling a story of them.
   Well technology is still up and coming but advanced research is needed. This class has taught me a bunch of things that maybe I wouldn’t have been able to see without the hard work. When I look back on my research I definitely see the time and effort put into it and although it wasn’t perfect I tried. We could use the power of technology to learn and expand our knowledge. I am so happy for the chance o see history about my family. It was definitely my favorite part.