Sunday, December 9, 2018

Research: Jayla - "The research process can be very stressful at times, but sometimes you just have to keep going"

During my semester with Dr. Soldani we had many research projects, it taught me how to navigate through the research process. Even though I thought that it was hard to do it actually was pretty fun to do also. The research process taught me many skills that I will be able to use in my future life in and outside of school. After many long days of researching for the assignments, after I was done with my research, I felt like I had accomplished something and it made me proud. We did many research projects like the casefile I found it very different and very exciting. It was something I had never did before. During my research process it took me many days but once I got in my zone, I was smooth sailing. Somedays it even took me a whole week to find what I was looking for in particular. The research process could’ve been overwhelming at times but I still mange to get what I needed. I actually like research papers it gives you time to figure things out that you didn’t know and that’s what made me want to do it.

     There were three major research projects that we completed this year and they were casefile 1 and 2 and a peer review. For the first casefile we had to pick out someone that we thought would be interesting to research and basically you did the same for the second one but it was a little different you could either keep the same person that you did the first time or find a different person, or research your family. Me I chose a different person both times because I wanted to research something different every time. But the peer review was when we had to look over someone else casefile and fact checked them, to see if they have had everything they were looking for. These assignments made me work at times I felt that it was a lot but I got everything done that needed to be done.

      I learned that through research you can find any and everything that you want to find. Long as you have that go get it mindset. I learn that by doing research once you have finished what you have researched you feel very happy and that you would just want to keep doing it more and more. Dr. Soldani is one of the best teachers I have had since I’ve been at TCC. Her class make you want to come and learn, just because she lectures in a fun way that makes it very interesting. Her class wasn’t hard but it also wasn’t easy, she made me want to do better in her class. Doing the research for her class was great, I learned how to maneuver through many documents, that went way back even before my parents were born. The research process can be very stressful at times, but sometimes you just have to keep going. But you if spend more than four hours on something and you still haven’t found nothing that will stick then you need to find something else to research because now you are just basically wasting your time. Many of the times as I research if I didn’t find anything that was interesting to myself I knew no one else would find it good either.
     In conclusion, the need for advanced research and analytical skills to succeed I think its very important. Because without research where can all this knowledge come from you have to find things in order for it to come to life. So, I think with the amount of research that’s going on now it may not be enough because some people just do enough so that they could get by. But the more you research the more you learn and the things that we do in everyday life need to be handled in a better way. It is very important that we keep this because it can help people to become a better student, and adult. Advance research can play a big part in your everyday life because as I said before even when we don’t think we are not researching we are. This research helps me become stronger in my other classes, I use the same tools that I learned form Dr. Soldani in my other classes. So, yes I do think the need of advanced research and analytical skills will help in the future in the 21st .