Sunday, December 9, 2018

Research: Jamyra - "There is always more information than what you think you could know"

                                                EXTRA CREDIT 2
            The research I did this semester in HSC2020 on my case file was very hard for me at first before I learned what I was doing. We were put to the task of doing research on either a slave, criminal, or complete a family tree. What I decided to do for my first case file was a slave, but I didn’t get any leads because I didn’t have enough information.  So, I switched my case file to a divorce case between Nellie Roach Lam and Virgil M. Lam.  They were only engaged for a couple months so I was trying to figure out why and what was the secrets between their relationships. I spent almost 2 weeks on this paper because I tried to connect all the information. I concluded that Nellie Roach Lam was really Virgil M. Lam daughter and he only married her because he got her pregnant.  After our first case file we had to peer review our classmates work on their case files. We had to choose 5 out 7 peers that we wanted to review.  We had to clearly identify what our classmates were researching and the information they had gotten from research they were given before the actual research.  We had to state all the research they did to get all the information they wanted.  We had to find to extra data points from what they already had and summarize it. Then We had to place the information that was found in historical context. Lastly, we had to conclude what we found out while reading their paper and what we found ourselves.  That took me almost 3 days to complete because I had to do all that for 5 other of my peers. The second case file I decided to do was to continue research from one of my peers.  I was interested in one of my peer’s research, but I was a little confused on his case file. So, I decided to revise his whole research, so I could get a better understanding. I didn’t want to use any information and websites that my peer did so I took a total different route.  I used to google to direct me to all the information I needed to figure out what I wanted to find. This project took me a week and a half because I wanted to make sure I had the right person, and all the information lined up with somewhat of what my peer said.
            What I learned from research is researching different things can take so much time because there is so much information on the internet.  I learned that sometimes you can think some information relates to the same people or things but there could always be a difference.  There is always more information thqn what you think you could know.  Doing research in History and for these case files I’ve learned that somethings that I was taught in high school wasn’t true.  There is so much things you can truly find out from researching. I have always had a passion on looking up things I didn’t have a clear understanding about. Even though our class is over I will continue to look up information on why so many people went to jail and why so many people were arrested over stuff that’s not true. The research I have found have helped me grow as a researcher and think critically about all the information that seems to come across me.
            I think we need advanced researched and analytical skills to succeed in the 21st century because the world is constantly revolving. We need studies that we can use that is efficient enough to get us thought that time. In the 20th century we not so sure about the information that we have now because we don’t know how sure we are that the information that we have from the past.  The more people we can get to think things out and put puzzles together. They would contribute to people developing our skills communication, critical thinking, and creativity.  The more stuff that come advanced the more information can be proven. The more people we have more people being able to summarize information, we can create a different world to live in. The world could become a way better place if we could find a way to critique some of the things that are going on.