Sunday, December 9, 2018

Research: Derrick - "I wanted to know more."

Whoa this semester has been one for the books.  To be honest just being in Dr. Saldoni’s class will be something I will remember for a long time. One thing I will never forget is how Dr. Soldani put us to work doing these research papers. I’m not even going to lie she gave us more than enough time as well to do all her research papers that she requested. Dr. Soldani also gave us plenty of options to research different material. You have no excuse not to do the research paper only because if you don’t like the option you chose the first time you have one, two, three, four, five and so on to choose from. My first research project and had a lady name Alexandria. I couldn’t find any information on the internet about Alexandria. So, I went to one of the resources Dr. Soldani gave us and decided to choose a different person. Dr, Soldani gave us a month to do each research paper. That was enough time to pick who you wanted to do your research paper on. That was enough time to research that person and to evaluate and see if you were interested in the research you were doing.
            The research projects that I worked on this semester were people I was actually interested in. The good thing is it also had something to do with history because the research we were doing were about people who were born way, way, way before my time in the 1800’s that was around the time where people were getting arrested for legit anything. My research took a little time once I realized what I was going to talk about and what I was going to do my research on. I ended up doing my research on a lady name Peete. The thing about her is she was arrested for killing a few people. Now she really didn’t kill the people, but she was the cause of why the people killed themselves. The thing about Peete is she was a young lady who felt that she needed money in her life. She felt that she needed the luxury lifestyle. She cheated, stole, had an affair and even murdered people. Now with her situation she personally didn’t do anything but steal from people. She was arrested and put in jail. Once she went to jail, she was put in a gas chamber and became the second woman to be killed in a gas chamber.
            What I learned while doing my research papers are that it’s a difficult task to research people especially when you are not interested in them. Doing the peer view was also a good research project because let’s say I didn’t like what I did my research on. I was able to read what other people did their research papers on. To me that was very interested because I was able to see how much emotion and effort other student in my class pet in their essay. So, it prepared me for research number to because it made me want to out do myself from the first time. What I realized is that all the research papers I did made me want to go into more detail and do more research on other people research papers as well as mine. I wanted to know more. I wanted to see if the research was really true, I wanted to see what details I missed or my class mates missed that would be so interested and I ended up finding new things about the other research papers.
            In conclusion, we need research in society today. The reason I say this is because there is so much technology in society today and it’s advancing every day. There are so much more missing information that people are discovering and adding on to history because we did not have the tools or technology needed back then, but we do have it now. The analytical skills and advance research will change history the way history is made and will change the past present and future. The reason I say this is because people don’t understand that some history in the pass might be wrong or might be a little different from what we originally thought it to be. From what I see now I know for a fact the if I keep using the skills and technology we have today to keep doing research I can change the past , present, and future.