Sunday, December 9, 2018

Research: Daniel - "my great great grandfather on my mom’s side was actually president of Dominican republic for only a month"

The casefile research that we conducted in class was a very interesting and honestly entertaining assignment that helped us dive deeper into the lives of the common people during the 1800s and 1900s. I like the idea of this because so often we talk about the famous people during these times and while that’s really cool its not really related to most people since not everyone is famous. So looking to see how people lived and what would happen to just ordinary people is an approach that was really unique and interesting for me and I really look forward and hope more teachers did something similar to this in the future. On the first case file I spent a good deal of time doing research on the prohibition era in American history and some of the people that were put in jail for doing various things with alcohol that ranged from selling to smuggling it in major cities. 
In my second casefile I got the opportunity to research my own family and that was so much fun because I got to do it with my parents and they had a good time doing it too. Me and my parents spent the large part of a Sunday just looking through old documents of our family members and they were able to remember things about their past and tell me some really awesome stories as well. One of the really cool facts I was able to find out was my great great grandfather on my mom’s side was actually president of Dominican republic for only a month because of a revolution. He was also the vice president before that but when the president was assassinated he had to step in but would resign shortly after since the rebels were overthrowing the government.
If it wasn’t for the super good websites such as and others I wouldn’t have been able to find all of those documents and other pictures from not only those famous people’s lives but even yearbook pictures of my parents from the 70s and 80s which is amazing. This type of advanced research helps people like me get more of an understanding of how people lived and not only that but be able to get a feel for where they were in life and how they were reacting to the historical events that were happening around them even though they were totally oblivious to them at the time, it’s all raw and authentic reactions which is priceless. I would say all in all this was a very useful assignment that really helped my skills of research and being able to look things up and find small details that connect to a bigger picture.