Sunday, December 9, 2018

Research: Cecily - "During this time now we need more students who know how to do advanced research not just googling answers"

During this semester we did three research projects which were: Casefile game 1, Peer research review, and Casefile game 2. The first casefile game we did was not that easy for me and I thought it was irrelevant at first but it taught me how to research people on different websites. At first we had to pick between slaves, criminal, or a census I picked a criminal case and it was actually six criminals I had.  I thought it was going to be fun because I had six cases and I wanted to know what happen for them to either commit murder, burglary and etc. For my first casefile I started on that was my main source and I didn’t get that much information out of the six people I was researching I was left with unanswered questions.  I had six men who names are Florentino Galban, George Bowers, Valaseque A., Hoyt, F.B., Ryan, H and Bray, James H.  The summary of this case was that Florentino crime was intent to commit murder and he was sentence to fourteen years.  George crime was burglary to the 1st degree and was sentenced ten years. Valasque crime was sentence to five years for driving someone car without consent. Hoyt crime was n he was arrested for Murder 1st degree and Robbery 1st degree two counts. His was sentence was life and five to life for both his charges. Lastly James crime was he was arrested for burglary 2nd degree & a prior two counts. He was sentence to 1015 years for both of his crimes. The peer research review was good but I didn’t really understand why we had to discuss the data points but on the good side I got to grade some of my other classmates’ cases. I wasn’t a harsh grader and most of the people paper I graded did well and they stated who they were talking about and had information about that person who they were researching. Their cases actually help me with my next casefile which was easier for me this time. I noticed that when I was I reading their paper they were breaking it down into four parts which made the case flow better.  For my next casefile I choose another criminal out of the shoebox on which was easier for me and I found a lot more information on this person this time this casefile was about a man named Robert Van Dyke Tanis and him and alias Jack Carson burglarized a grand hotel in Chester, Montana and stole 400 dollars.
   With me doing these           research projects it help me actually get involved in class and being more excited for history. Before I took this class I hated history because it was so boring but after doing these research projects I learned a lot.  I learned how to deep research with Tcc database, and which I never did when I had research projects in high school I always used google or Wikipedia which I don’t use anymore because it has false information most of the times.  I learned how to interpret documents in American history and understanding the difference between research and deep research.  I learned that in peer reviews that some people still googled answers and didn’t really follow directions. It is kind of hard to navigate around TCC database but when you get the hang of it you can find all type of articles around the world. was also a good website to find any old news which I loved. If I have never done these research projects I wouldn’t know how to do advance research in history.
I feel like professors should do more research projects like this with students it would spice up the class and more students would want to take American history.  During this time now we need more students who know how to do advanced research not just googling answers.  Students need to learn more analytical skills to succeed in the 21st century.  Like more creativity like this I have never did anything like this in college which is a problem  because this was fun and more educational.