Thursday, November 15, 2018

1115 Case #4: Lawrence DeLacy Conspiracy

Part One
I picked a prisoner named Lawrence DeLacy, who was arrested in San Francisco, California, for the conspiracy to effect the escape of prisoners. He was sentenced for 18 months started September 15, 1917. I picked this document I find it to be real interesting. First off I enjoy looking at bookings of criminals and watching things that deal with that and forensics. Looking at people and comparing them to a crime, sometimes shocks me. At the same time people can surprise you. I know people will do crazy things if it couldn’t benefit them in the long run. Whether if it is for money, freedom, and even status. Therefore, I decided to stick with him because I wanted to see what I would find. I wanted to find out some history on him because this would tell a lot about a person. If he would go out of his way to try and free people from prison then it had to be for a desperate cause. If he didn’t have any relationship with the people he was trying to help escape, then was it for someone else? Did he have any debts to pay? If there was correlation to the prisoners then it could have been some family members or close friends he was helping out. All of these questions ran through my mind as I was scanning my document. Also knowing that he only received 18 months for such a big crime with the government left me wondering also. Like, did he know someone major that was in charge? Or did they just not give people huge sentences for crimes like they do today. So, all of these questions that I asked myself as I was going over this document, I wanted to put that all in my research. As to why would someone do such a thing?

Part two
As I started conducting research and looking for information on DeLacy, I was running into a lot of dead ends. I started off with a simple Google search of the prisoner’s name, and I came across of newspaper article. The article had a lot of relevant information about his case during trial. He was trying to escape prisoners from an army officer named Colonel Gerorge McGunnegle. He was in command of the Military reserve at Fort McDowell. They were being held hostage by an order of the president due to the war between Germany and United States. They were seen as alien enemies. The prisoners he was helping were Franz Bopp, who was a former German Consul General. o/Von Schack, who was a former Vice Consol. Those two were seen as dangerous aliens. The people who was helping out DeLacy was J. Harnedy, who was a shoe merchant, and William C Mullaine, who happened to be a bartender. DeLacy also had a tile transaction with Patrick J Farrally who was an immigration inspector and a principal witness for the government.  Lawrence DeLacy was facing a 2-year sentence, a $10,000 fine, and deportation.

Part Three
              Lawrence DeLacy was charged with Conspiracy to help with the escape of prisoners. According to the law back then, all aliens who were in the US for less than 5 years can be deported. DeLacy was only there for two years. Section 141 of the criminal of the criminal code states that anyone who shall rescue or attempt to rescue someone from custody of an army officer can be arrested if a warrant is intact. The government must not of thought that it was unconstitutional to hold alien’s hostage. They had believed that a person shouldn’t have liberty because they weren’t processed as citizens. I believe that goes on today. The constitution stated that the people had property rights, life, and liberty.  Due to them being aliens they didn’t have to get held to the that standard. In the Alien Enemy Act of 1798, aliens don’t have any rights, privilege, unless by special favor of war. So, who knows what would have happened if they would have stayed there. They were at war with the Germans. With all that Congress had the power to remove them without process of law since they violated the law. In court they a lawyer seen it as unconstitutional to illegally hold someone hostage. They don’t think that they did a crime. The United States seen it as them being targeted. The evidence they had didn’t seem enough for them to be imprisoned. At the time of the arrest and imprisonment there was no allegation that Von Schack and Bopp were aliens. The letters didn’t seem to be tied to a conspiracy. I am assuming that someone was being biased somewhere in this case.

Part Four
           Overall Lawrence was charged with a case that had seem to be a violation of law and unconstitutional. With these laws and acts, Lawrence broke them and had the right to be deported.  He left Ireland to come to the United States to only get caught up in some war mess that caused him to get arrested for the Conspiracy. He was been as going against the authorities of the government by helping with the escape of prisoners.