Thursday, November 15, 2018

1115 Case #34: Mr. Albert Barnes Johnson

(by Student #34 AMH 2010 1115)

            For my casefile I chose to research Mr. Albert Barnes Johnson.  I went through a few files before I actually found one that sparked my interest.  The reason I chose this one is because he was a reverend and I felt like I could relate to him.  I’m not a pastor or minister, but I am a man of faith who loves the Lord, so I felt this casefile was a good one for me.  During this research, I hoped to find out what schools he attended, if he had ever been married or had children, where he was from, and what was the cause of his death.
            Finding information on my topic was not an easy task.  Initially, it was frustrating.  It seemed that the information was not coming to me as easily as I had hoped for it to.  I continued to do research and things began to come together for me.  My main source and only source of information came from ancestry.  Once on ancestry, I was able to find the information needed to start my research.  After creating a family tree, it was discovered that the health issues such as hypertension and obesity ran in his family.  I also discovered that he was an only child. Although he didn't have any siblings, he made friends in the community due to his friendly personality.  
            Mr. Albert Barnes Johnson was born on May 31,1852 in Saranac, Michigan.  Saranac is a village in Ionia county in the state of Michigan.  He grew up in Saranac and was homeschooled in the village. As a teenager he was very active in church. He sang in the choir and was a greeter at the church.  At the age of 18, he met Miss Arminta Culver.  The two began to talk and get to know each other.  Three years later, at the age of 21, on December 16, 1873; Albert and Arminta were married. 
            The newlyweds would move from Saranac to Calhoun, Michigan.  At the age of 22, Albert would begin preaching the word of God.  It was never confirmed or determined what denomination of faith he was affiliated with.  The couple did not waste much time before starting a family of their own.  The following year, the couple birthed their first child.  They had a son and named him Jessie.  Several years would pass before they would have more children.
            In 1880, Mr. Johnson and his family would move from Calhoun to Odessa, Michigan.  In 1882, the couple would have a second son named Warren.  Due to complications at birth, Warren died a few months later on March 17, 1883.  Mr. Johnson still continued to preach the gospel.  In 1909, his wife became very ill and died due to high cholesterol.  Mr. Johnson battled health issues of his own. He was overweight and battled with hypertension. He dieted and tried to watch what he ate. He even tried to exercise but in the end it still wasn't enough.   On August 20, 1925; he died from old age and recurred attack of apoplexy.  He was 73 years old.
            In conclusion, Mr. Johnson was a good man.  He loved and provided for his family.  He gave of himself freely and was an example of how a person should carry themselves.  He was a minister from a young adult until the time of his passing.  He lived a good and productive life.  He outlived his wife and one of his children.  As I stated before, health issues ran in his family but he did not let it stop him from living a long and prosperous life. Although he is gone his legacy lives on. He is known as a preacher who preached the truth. His messages made you think and examine yourself from within. He didn't preach many feel good sermons. He preached fire and brimstone.  Preaching was all he ever knew and it was the only job he ever had.