Thursday, November 15, 2018

1115 Case #22: George Blourn

(by Student #22 AMH 2010 1115) 

            I chose to do my research on George Blourn because he was in prison for Sodomy, which is intercourse. He was convicted on November 6th 1920 for three years and is 45 years old. The first place I went to research was where I found he was a white male born in Pennsylvania who has a son. His occupation was a Chauffeur and worked on wage and salary. I couldn’t find anything about his prison sentence which I am guessing has to do with the fact that George was committed of Sodomy which could be intercourse with either a man or a woman. He may have been shamed for what he has done and they didn’t acknowledge him as a citizen. By 1940, I found records showing he was drafted into the World War Two.
            My guess was that after he went to prison he went to the war because no one wanted to hire a criminal. I found it very hard to find research on George Blourn but I think I found a theory to why I couldn’t find much information on him. His wife and children later changed there last names to ‘Blourne’ which I found to be suspicious so I dug into that information. I believe that he had sex with a man which may have been not consensual and his family was very embarrassed so they changed there name. His wife couldnt get a divorce so she probably told him to go to war which is what he did. He went and made money for the family yet they changed there name so they don’t have to walk around with the shame nor that legacy.
            I decided to google “George Blourn 1920” and I was completely surprised as to what came up in the images. I found picture documents of his name appearing on the House of Representatives list. The documents were from 1976 which leads me to believe that his son may have become a member of the House of representatives. At this point I am frustrated with the fact I am unable to find real information on this man. I keep researching the same thing thinking I will find something new yet I am still at a dead end.
            Overall I believe that George Blourn has not consensual sex with someone who pressed charges. I looked through public death records and even the prison death records and found nothing. I believe he disappeared due to his crime and his family changed there name ignorer to save face to the public. I realize my research is very simple but through all the research, I become more than frustrated. I would like to know what really happened to get in in jail and if the reason his family changed there name was because of the crime. I’ve spent hours just staring at old news papers I found trying to find anything that talked about his crime. George Blourn did disappear where there is absolutely nothing about him except information about his family.