Thursday, November 15, 2018

1115 Case #11: Indian Census

(by Student #11 AMH 2010 1115) 
            I decided to go with an Indian census I am going to try and find out as much information on each person and hopefully one of them will have a story. I am expecting to find anything from marriages, divorces and stuff along those lines I am not one hundred percent sure what to expect at all. I at least hope to find a story to share with you to make this an interesting case file.
            The research for these Native Americans was very difficult it hard to find really anything. I looked on ancestry and google I found some hits on ancestry but google came up blank. What was very interesting was how some of the Native Americans would relocate meaning their kids would end up in completely different places from where they were born. All of the Native Americans were born in Montana and in a few cases the ended up in Liverpool England and London England. In one case a great grand child served in World War I. The most interesting part about it all is the Native Americans seemed to be forced to go to England they didn’t have any papers just in 1919 they were in Montana and then poof in 1920 they were in England.
            Since this is a Native American Census I am going to do this more as a list and what I found out for each person. The first person is Susie White Hip Susie was born in Montana in the Crowe tribe. She was born in 1908 and had a long life she ended up marrying a man named Frank Covers Up. They had a kid, but they didn’t have any information on him/her. The next person is Matthew Goodluck he was born in Montana and moved around a lot by himself he had a wife and a child but ancestry did not give me the name of them on the marriage paper the wives name was crossed out I am not sure what the means, but he lived a long life and died in 1972 and was buried in Montana. Bad Horse was the leader of his family he had a wife named Uraula Bad Horse and a son and a daughter named Jennie and William Bad Horse. He either had a brother or a grandson who served in WW I he was picked out by the draft. It’s very interesting to me that they made Native Americans fight in the war especially since most of them if not all had no idea what was even going on. The Bad Horse family still lives on today there was a tree created about them and they have over 200 relatives I tried to click the link to open it up, but the tree is private. The Gets down Often family was the most interesting to me because they had a lot of documents about where they were and then suddenly they disappeared and ended up in London. There was no information about how they got there or why so I am assuming they either were forced over there or took a boat. They ended up adapting to their new country by naming their children English names and changing their last name to just Often instead of Gets Down Often. The last Native American I could find anything out about was a man named Martin Spotted Horse he grew up in Montana his dad was a farmer and then he disappeared like the other family and ended up in Liverpool, England he stayed there a while and then came back to America where his son Martin Spotted Horse Jr got married in Illinois in 1960.
            So I started out with ancestry not really expecting what to find or if I would find anything but then I found out about Native Americans fighting in WW I and just how some of them ended up in England with no paperwork or anything just like one day they were in America and the next they were England. It was very hard to find out anything about this being it was a census about the Native American tribes where they didn’t give their real names they were just giving goofy names to get back at the Americans. But for the ones who did give their real names it was interesting to find out what they were doing and how they ended up in certain places and why they ended up in certain places.