Monday, October 15, 2018

Casefile Report: U.S., Indian, Census Roll, from1885 – 1940, the Carlisle School

Casefile 1
The document my case file is centered on is a U.S., Indian, Census Roll, from1885 – 1940, the Carlisle School, the information on top was blank and I only had one page of a 443page document. There were 18 names on my list, of six families, I started by searching for the school finding it was in Pennsylvania, Carlisle a boarding school meant to teach Indians to be American citizens away from their culture. More than 10,000 students attended from more than 140 tribes. I found that the school had been founded in 1879 and been active until it was discontinued September/1/1918. Carlisle school was founded by Richard Henry Pratt, who is associated with the first recorded use of the word racism in 1902 which he used to criticize against racial segregation, and his “kill the Indian save the man speech” in 1892, and his aim to “civilize” the Indians.
After another look at the document, I thought it odd that the English names slot was blank on all but one Sonia White of which was listed as her Indian name and in the English name slot was “Born 7-31-1917” something else odd was that she had only one census number, which led to the conclusion that the census had been taken the year of her birth 1917. The oddities didn’t stop their though another girl born the same year had a previous census number, from this I can conclude that there was more than one census that year. One other oddity was the six-person gap between the two-census that year. Indicated by the persons census number each census the first person on my list had a 6-person gap, indicating either a number up to 6-deaths or a family left the area to be counted in a different census, But there were 7-people missing at the end of the list, and with some research and numbering I was lucky enough to find that the husband of a woman called flying woman was the missing man, from my list. Considering the fact that the woman was 56 at the time of the census, the husband having died of old age was certainly a possibility so I checked the Carlisle graveyard to see if he was buried there to maybe find the cause of death, fortunately the graveyard has a website with all the people buried there, and no one was buried their in the time frame, so he might not have been dead, could be marriage disagreement. I found another oddity in the grave yard records though the last person buried there was Issac Longshore, of whom only has 6 documents suggesting his existence and has no marked grave stone. One such document I discovered was a newspaper clipping from page six on “The Evening Sentinel” titled “Indian commits suicide on street” I checked the City of Carlisle Library, and although they have a lot of well documented newspapers there were no recorded issues of “The Evening Sentinel”