Monday, October 15, 2018

Casefile Report: Florentino Galban and others (Criminal)

Casefile Game

Well today for class we suppose to pick a casefile they are all different ones to choose from like: Slaves, Criminals, Census. All the cases were colored but out of all the casefile I choose the red colored casefile, in that casefile it was six criminals inside. I choose the criminals because it was the most interesting one to me and I know I would want to know more about the criminals. I had six male criminals they all had at least five years, these six criminals had all different backgrounds. My first thoughts I didn’t really know what to expect I could barely read it because the print was so small, and I could really understand what they were saying on the criminal records but when I got home I was even more exciting to find out. I was hoping to find out where they were all from and if they had any kids, wives, parents, siblings. I also want to know why they did the crime and were, I had so many unanswered questions that I wanted to know.

My journey to find out more about these criminals were extremely hard at first, I was struggling. I only found out about the criminals appearances and how long they were going to be in prison. The criminals name was Florentino Galban, George Bowers, Valaseque A., Hoyt, F.B., Ryan, H and Bray, James H. The first website I went on was Ancestry and I look up the first criminal I seen on my paper which was “Florentino Galban”. On this person I only found about what he looks like and the crime he committed. Florentino went to Prison on November 4, 1934 the place of crime was in Riverside, California and the prison which he was sentenced to was Folsom, Sacramento California. The crime he committed was intent to commit murder and he was sentence to fourteen years. Florentino was born in Mexico around 1901, he resided in San Quentin, Marin, California and his occupation was laborer. Florentino was arrested September 17, 1927 and he was age 26 at that time. Florentino was age 33 when he was sentenced, and he had black hair, maroon eyes, his complexion was swarthy, weight was 142, height was 5’7 and he was build Medium. I looked for almost two hours to find more about Florentino and why he committed the crime, but I keep seeing the same answers and, I couldn’t find anything on his family either or if he had any kids. The next person was George Bowers, he was age 64 and born around 1870. Bowers was born in New York. On his census in 1880 I found out who his father and mother were which was, John S. Bowers and Julia bowers. In this census he was only ten years old. Bowers occupation was an Accountant he went to prison for burglary to the 1st degree and was sentenced ten years. Let me paint a picture on how George looked he had grey eyes, hair was brown, complexion fair, weight 128, height 5’8 and he was build slender. Another one was Valaseque, A. born in Mexico and he was sentence to five years for driving someone car without consent. He was 38 when he was arrested, he had marron eyes, black hair, his weight was 156, complexion swarthy, height 5’9 and he was build muscular. Hoyt F.B. was age 29 when he was arrested for Murder 1st degree and Robbery 1st degree two counts. His was sentence was life and five to life for both his charges. He was white, with black hair, hazel eyes, complexion ruddy,
height 6’3, weight 158 and was build slender and occupation was a barber. He was also born in California in 1907. Ryan, H was born in Alaska in 1908 and was age 26 when he was arrested

for escaping custody of an officer. He was sentenced to five years and term began on November 7,1934. Ryan had grey eyes, brown hair, complexion was ruddy, weight 164, height 5’11 and he was build muscular. My last person was Bray, James H he was age 36 when he was arrested for burglary 2nd degree & a prior two counts. He was sentence to 1015 years for both of his crimes. James was a white man from Minnesota and he had blue eyes, brown hair, complexion was fair, weight 160, height 5’6 and he was build muscular.

I think for this project I didn’t do too well for my research I couldn’t really find anything about this people and I was looking forward on finding more about their individual stories. I was disappointed that I couldn’t find anything or articles about the criminals I feel like I am missing a big piece of the puzzle and on the next casefile I want to know more about the person. When I was looking up the people it was all different people not the ones I was looking for. After I couldn’t find anything on ancestry I looked on google and nothing came up also. So my overall experience on the casefile was not that great for me.