10/12 Update on Classes and Hurricane and etc

TCC plans to open Monday.

I am with my kids in Orlando at least until Tuesday afternoon, thankful to have electricity, warm food and the internet.  

 I haven't had internet access to grade/post research, but now that I'm in a hotel (and about to catch up on sleep), I hope I can get things done quickly.

 Like many of you, I find this hurricane has left me more shaken and tired than I expected.  I clearly didn't have enough supplies, at least not the right supplies, and Zack was right -- we should have left before the storm.  

 I don't expect everyone to be working at 100% after this. 

I will work with those of you hit the hardest, you know this already.  Ask for help, stay in contact, and be patient. 

 If you didn't come out of this hit badly,  I hope you'll open yourself and your resources (food, friendship, hospitality, tutoring etc) helping others going through a really bumpy time in the next weeks.

Take care of each other & stay safe.

-Dr. Soldani