It starts with words.

Hate,  segregation and violence doesn't come from nowhere.

Hate-based violence and genocides  start with words: 
Hitler comparing Jews to vermin; immigrants being compared to animals.

Millions of people have been studying and teaching this  for the better part of a century.

It isn't a secret. 
 Bias, bigotry and discrimination lead to violence.

It starts name calling, then identification and segregation, and efforts to turn the population against certain groups (Native Americans, immigrants seeking asylum, Muslims, Jews, gays and the list goes on....)

What happens next is up to you.

Did you study history?

AMH 2020 Exam #2 Study Guide

Use your notes to narrate these images and string the connections between them.

ID terms are posted at the end of the images

Not including the last lecture before your exam*

 “Three generations of imbeciles are enough”
“Your horse has diabetes”
18th Amendment
1924 Immigration
1935 Neutrality Act
21st Amendment
Ada Jukes
America First
Bonus Army
Bonus March
Buck v. Bell (case, ruling)
Capitalism was saved in 8 days 
Civilian Conservation Corps
Dawes Plan 1924
Dr. Francis Townsend
Election of 1912
Glass Steagall Banking Act
He Kept Us Out of War
Huey P Long
Irish Coffee
Kellogg Briand Pact 1928
Margaret Sanger
Mein Kampf
Muller v. Oregon
New Deal
Pancho Villa
Pershing’s Punitive Mission
Planned Parenthood
Scopes Monkey Trial
Share Our Wealth
Social Darwinism
Social Security
Tampico Incident
The 14 Points 
The Dust Bowl
Treaty of Brest-Litvosk 
Treaty of Versailles
Volstead Act
Zimmerman Telegram