Saturday, September 22, 2018

AMH 2020 Exam #1 Study Guide

 Bold terms are potential exam IDs; italicized terms are the wordbank and will be available on exam day*

You furnish the pictures…..”
13th Amendment
14th Amendment
15th Amendment
1898 Treaty of Paris
40 acres and a mule
1875 Civil Rights Act
American Exceptionalism
Barbed wire
Battleship Maine 1898
Black Codes
Buffalo Hunts
Columbian Exchange
Compromise of 1877
Dred Scott Case/Decision
Election of 1864
Election of 1876
Evangelina Cisneros    
Freedman’s Bureau
Grandfather Clause
Hay-Bunau-Varilla Treaty  
Homestead Act
Jim Crow Laws
Colt Peacemaker
Mahan, Influence of Seapower on History
Monroe Doctrine
Open Door Note
Panama’s Revolution 
Platt Amendment
Plessy v Ferguson
Preliminary Emancipation Proclamation
Poll taxes, literacy tests
Population Data 1700-1900
Roosevelt Corollary to the Monroe Doctrine
Reconcentrado Camps
Soldiers of Panama
Spheres of Influence
Teller Amendment  
Treaty of Paris 1898
Turner’s Frontier Thesis
White Man’s Burden
Yellow journalism