Friday, September 21, 2018

AMH 2010 last images for EXAM #1 and those sample answers we graded together

Format: 10 terms at 10 points each (list posted separately, by noon on Saturday).

There will be 5 versions of the exam distributed over 110 students in 2 classes. 

You will need every minute of the 50 minutes allotted. so please be in class early so we can get tests distributed quickly and start on time.  Late students do not get extra time.

Reminder:  The exam is Monday. If you have a situation that causes you to miss the exam, it will be waiting for you in the TCC testing center on Tuesday  no questions asked.  TCC Testing Center is in the Fine and Performing Arts building, 2nd floor. Bring your TCC ID, no joke; if you don't have an ID please get it before attempting to use the Testing Center or library.

Students who have the registered accommodation of extra test time through the student accessibility center should have already registered for a time on Monday to take the test at the center with Ms. Anne and Abi.