Saturday, July 28, 2018

This is Why I haven't Graded Exams Yet* Data Pool Analysis Step #1

Overview of assignment: Analyze a data pool of primary sources in US History and narrate your findings.

Step #1: Go through the data pool, take it apart until it makes sense to you.

For example, if I asked you to go through a closet, you might sort everything by size, by color, by use, or by another way I can’t even imagine.  

This takes effort and intention and curiosity; if you aren’t excited by or at engaged in finding out what could be hiding in your data, I give you permission to (quickly)   find a different data pool.  

I spent about 10 hours this weekend taking notes on the 165 image data pool I’m going through.  The following screenshots should give you an impression of where I am in my research.  

I was genuinely surprised by things I didn’t find in the records, and I am continuing my research even as you read this.

(to be continued)