Saturday, June 30, 2018

Pretest Question #3: Name 4 World Religions

Pretest Question #3: Name 4 World Religions that are not Christian

Answers presented as written, sorted alphabetically.  

Note: While they are writing their answers (in 2 minutes or less!), I ask them to consider that religions usually have a book and meeting places and therefore atheism is not a religion.  I also  suggest to them to use as a guideline the idea that all Christian religions believe Jesus is more than a prophet.

Aristotle, Muslims, Jewishism, Buddha
Atheism is not a religion
Buda, the Trinity, Atheist
Buddhism, Hinduism, ?
Buddhism, Hinduism, Judaism, Sikhism
Buddhism, Hinuduism, Jewish, Isis
Buddhism, Islam, Deism, Communism haha
Buddhism, Islam, Hinduism, Taoism
Buddhism, Islam, Muslim, Hiundism
Buddhism, Jewish, Roman Catholic
Buddhist, Islam, Judaism
Budhism, Catholic, Hinduism
Budism, Muslim, Agnostic
Catholic, Buddissm
Catholic, Hindu, Islam
Catholic, Jewish, Batist, Johova Witness, and yes atheism is a religion
Catholicism, Muslims, Judaism, Hinduism
Catholics, Buddhaism, Henduism, ….
Hinduism, Jewism, Budism, Muslimism
Hinduism, Muslim, Buddhist, Satanism
Hinduism, Taoism, Jewish
Illuminati, Islam, Buddaism
Islam, Buddas, Musslum, Baptis
Islam, Buddhism, Cathlic, Hinduism
Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism
Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism, Judaism
Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism, Judaism
Islam, Judaism, Buddhism
Islam, Judaism, Voodoo, Buddism
Islam, Mormon, Bhodis
Jehovah’s Witnesses, Juditism, Sabbeth, Muslism
Jewish, Muslim, Buhdist, Amish
Judaism, Buddhism, Islam, Hindu
Judaism, Hinduism, Buddhism, the one that studies inanimate objects
Judeism, Buddhism, Hindu, Scientology, Mormon
Muslim, Buddhism, a religion in Morocco I can’t remember
Muslim, Buddhism, Catholics
Muslim, Buddhism, Judaism, Monotheism
Muslim, Buddhist, Jehovah’s Witnesses, Greeks
Muslim, Buddis, Islamic
Muslim, Hindu, Budism
Muslim, Hundu, Jewish, Buddism
Muslim, Jewish, Canada, Deeism
Muslim, Judism
Muslim, Santria, Arabic, Budah
Muslium, Catholics, - , -

Muslum, Hoodoo, Jewish, Budist